The best beaches in Barcelona to enjoy a sunny day

With so many interesting monuments to see in Barcelona, ​​it is difficult to think that there are also beaches in Barcelona and that you can enjoy them if you visit the city of Barcelona.

But not only in the capital of Catalonia do we find some beautiful beaches that were rescued from oblivion in the 90s, but there are also many others in the province that you should not miss if you are looking for sun and beach tourism or to relax for a hard day of city sightseeing.

Here is a list of what, for us, are the best beaches you can visit in Barcelona.

The best beaches in Barcelona

Barceloneta Beach

Barcelona - Barceloneta BeachWithout a doubt, Barceloneta Beach is the most famous in the city and one of the busiest.

Its main advantage is that it is very central and is very easy to access by public transport, which is why both tourists and locals choose this beach to relax and enjoy its wide range of leisure and sports activities.

It is one of the longest beaches in Barcelona, ​​which was remodeled for the 1992 Olympic Games and, in fact, very close is the former Olympic Village of that sporting event.

It must be said that you can walk to it from the center as it is very close to places like Las Ramblas.

Nova Icaria Beach

Barcelona - Nova Icaria BeachIf Barceloneta Beach is one of the busiest in the city, here we have a very quiet beach where families and groups of friends go in search of tranquility to relax and enjoy a day of sun and sand.

It is also in the area of ​​the Olympic Village and is separated from Barceloneta Beach by the Olympic Port.

Another great advantage of this beach is that you can access it by public transport or even on foot from the city center and next to it is the Parc de la Ciutadella, one of the main parks in Barcelona.

The beach of Castelldefels

Castelldefels - CastleIf the previous beaches are an oasis in a tourist city, here we have a beach in a locality of sun and sand itself. Casteldefels is located 18 km south of Barcelona and can be easily reached by Cercanías train.

This beautiful beach is almost 5 km long and on it you can enjoy different water sports as well as enjoy bathing in one of the best areas of the Mediterranean Sea.

And in addition, in Casteldefels there are also other options for tourism such as a visit to its castle, which gives its name to the town.

The beach of Sant Sebastiá in Sitges

Sitges40 km from Barcelona, ​​further south of Castelldefels, we find another of the most important tourist cities in the province. This is Sitges, where beach tourism mixes with the cultural heritage of this town.

In Sitges we can find twenty beaches, a fact that makes Sitges known as the Golden Beach of the Mediterranean. But the one we want to highlight is Playa de Sant Sebastiá, a small beach of about 200 meters but with such a special charm that it was included as the best European beach in 2010 by the New York Times.

It is a very familiar and beautiful beach, with very calm waters and which can also be reached very easily from Barcelona on the Cercanías train.

Caldes D’Estrac Beach

Caldes d'EstracCaldes D’Estrac, also known as Caldetes, is one of the most beautiful towns in Barcelona. It is located about 40 km north of Barcelona, ​​on the Costa del Maresme and is famous above all for its thermal baths, which became famous at the beginning of the 20th century thanks to the English who fled the cold of the British Isles in search of warmth. of this area of ​​Catalonia.

The best thing about Playa de Caldetes is actually its surroundings, especially the Paseo de los Ingleses, which together with the neighboring Paseo del Mar, is full of Noucentista and Modernista style houses where the first tourists of the 20th century spent their summers.

It is also another place that you can access by Cercanías train from Barcelona and a very special place to make a getaway from the city.

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