Las Ramblas and Plaza de Catalunya. The best atmosphere in Barcelona

Las Ramblas is the most famous street in Barcelona, ​​which runs between Plaza de Catalunya and the old port of Barcelona, ​​where the Mirador de Colón is located. Walking the entire street is essential if you visit Barcelona.

Along the entire street we can always find a great atmosphere thanks to tourists, street artists and newsstands or flowers.

In addition, the large number of terraces that exist invite you to spend a very pleasant time in this beautiful street in Barcelona. It is also a good area to stay.

The beautiful Plaza de Catalunya

Barcelona - Plaza CatalunyaIf we have to talk about a square in Barcelona that stands out from the rest, that is the Plaza de Catalunya, the heart of the city and where you will find the greatest atmosphere in Barcelona.

This square is full of life. It was inaugurated by Alfonso XIII in 1927, witnessing the Universal Exhibition of 1929, which is why it was filled with hotels, bars and theaters, although the vast majority have disappeared.

Today, surrounded by large commercial buildings, we can admire different sculptures such as those representing the four Catalan capitals, work and wisdom.

At one end is the monument to Francesc Maciá, president of the Generalitat and one of the referents of the Catalan independence movement.

What to visit on Las Ramblas in Barcelona

BarcelonaThe street is 1.3 km long and is divided into several parts along which we can see different and interesting monuments.

In the part closest to the Plaza de Catalunya is the Rambla de Canaletes, which is named after the Canaletes Fountain that is there.

This place is very famous for being where Barcelona fans celebrate their triumphs. It is said that whoever drinks from this fountain returns to Barcelona.

The next part is the Rambla del Estudis. In this area was the University that was built in the fifteenth century. The building was rebuilt into a barracks in the 19th century. It is also known as the Rambla de los Pájaros because the bird market used to be here.

The Rambla de las FloresDon’t miss the Rambla de las Flores either. Also known as Sant Josep, it is the most colorful area of ​​Las Ramblas due to the presence of the famous flower kiosks. The famous Boqueria Market is also located here.

Arriving at the sea we find the Rambla de los Capuchinos. Its name comes from the fact that a Capuchin convent used to be here. In this area of ​​Las Ramblas is where we can find the Liceo Theater or the Güell Palace.

And finally we have the Rambla de Santa Mónica. It is the closest area to the old port of Barcelona and it is where there are more bars and restaurants so you always have a great atmosphere here. Right at the end is the famous Statue of Columbus where there is a very interesting viewpoint.

Columbus Lookout

Barcelona - Columbus StatueIn the southern part of Las Ramblas, at the other end of Plaza de Catalunya, we have a Statue of Christopher Columbus at the top of which, 60 meters high, we have a wonderful viewpoint.

The statue dates from 1888 and is one of the best-known monuments in the city. You can go up inside thanks to an elevator that takes you to the feet of the statue.

The base of the monument is an authentic work of art and on it are some allegories that represent the 4 continents (Oceania is missing) and the Kingdoms of Spain, as well as statues of important figures in the discovery of America and a series of lions.

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