How to get to know the Gran Teatro del Liceo in Barcelona

Located on Las Ramblas, the Gran Teatro del Liceo is the most prestigious theater in the city and also the oldest of those still in operation.

The current building of the Liceo de Barcelona is the result of a rehabilitation carried out in 1994 after the fire that destroyed it.

A visit to Las Ramblas is not complete if you do not visit the Gran Teatro del Liceo. Nearby is also the Boquería Market and the Gothic Quarter. You can find more information in Bueno Bonito Barcelona.

The History of the Liceo Theater

Barcelona - Lyceum - ExteriorThis prestigious theater has not had an easy history, but throughout its history it has suffered various setbacks and accidents.

The origins of the Gran Teatro del Liceo date back to 1844.

In that year, the Liceo Filodramático Montesión society, an entity that promoted musical education and theater, bought an old convent to turn it into a theater.

After the works, privately financed, the theater opened in 1847.

Barcelona - Liceo Theater - InteriorBut in 1861 the Teatro del Liceo suffered a spectacular fire that almost completely destroyed it, only saving the entrance and the Hall of Mirrors, so it had to be rebuilt.

This was not the only mishap it has suffered since in 1893 it suffered an anarchist attack in which 20 people died due to a bomb located in the stalls and in 1994 it suffered a new fire.

Coincidentally, in this fire the only thing that was saved was the same as in the one in 1861, the entrance and the Hall of Mirrors. After reconstruction, the new building was inaugurated in 1999.

Visiting the Gran Teatro del Liceo

Concert Hall of the Liceo de BarcelonaIn addition to being able to attend one of its shows and get to know the theater in this way, it is also possible to take a guided tour every day at 10 a.m. with a duration of 1 hour and 10 minutes.

It is also possible to visit it without a guide, although it only lasts 20 minutes.

In the long visit, the guided one, an expert guide will take you through the main places of the Theater.

You will visit the Eclectic-style Lobby, the Hall, which is a replica of the original hall and has a horseshoe shape, the entrance staircase and the Hall of Mirrors, one of the places that was saved from the two fires.

During the visit they will also tell you anecdotes, curiosities and a bit of the history of the Gran Teatro del Liceo.

It is also possible after the guided tour to attend a mini-concert in the Hall of Mirrors for a small supplement.

You can get more information on the official website of the Liceo.

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