Walk through Tibidabo in Barcelona, ​​a nice visit

In Barcelona you have several viewpoints from which to see the city but without a doubt the best of them all is Tibidabo in Barcelona

Tibidabo is a mountain that reaches 512 meters in height and where you will also enjoy several important attractions.

Here we tell you everything that can be done on Tibidabo, the other great mountain that surrounds Barcelona next to Montjuic Mountain.

What to do at Tibidabo in Barcelona

The amusement park

Tibidabo in BarcelonaThe most important place in Tibidabo and the one that receives the most visits is the Amusement Park.

The Barcelona Amusement Park has the honor of being the oldest amusement park in Spain since it was inaugurated in 1891.

During all its years of history it has undergone several renovations and the attractions have been renewed.

Although, however, there are still some of the first such as the Atalaya, which is 90 years old, or the Avión, one of the first flight simulators.

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The Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart

Another of the interesting places in Tibidabo is the Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart, in neo-Gothic style and crowned by an immense bronze statue of the Sacred Heart.

Although its style is different, we cannot avoid that it reminds us of the Sacre Coeur Basilica in Paris. It is possible to climb to its top and have the best views of Barcelona.

Also very interesting is the Collserola Tower, a telecommunications tower by Norman Foster that was built for the 1992 Olympic Games.

Nearby there are also other buildings, the Barcelona Radio Pavilion, the Hotel Florida or the Fabra Observatory, an observatory from 1901 that has been of vital importance in astronomical and meteorological research in Spain.

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