The Agbar Tower in Barcelona, ​​can you climb to its viewpoint?

In a city like Barcelona, ​​always at the forefront of culture, art and architecture, a building like the Torre Agbar could not be missing, one of the skyscrapers that stands out the most in the sky of Barcelona.

The Torre Agbar is located on Avenida Diagonal and was built in 2005. But it is not the tallest tower in Barcelona, ​​but rather the third behind Hotel Arts and Torre Mapfre.

And answering the question in the title, no, you can’t upload. At the moment, because the building will become a hotel and it is not known if it can be visited.

The design of the Agbar Tower in Barcelona

Barcelona - Agbar TowerThis spectacular tower has 34 floors and is no less than 145 meters high, making it visible from much of the city.

The most characteristic thing about the Torre Agbar is its bullet shape, which according to its creator, Jean Nouvel, is inspired by Catalan culture, from the architecture of Antonio Gaudí to the pinnacles of Montserrat mountain, where the patron saint of Catalonia.

And what Jean Nouvel really achieved was to create a building without straight forms, as is usual in high-rise architecture.

Agbar Tower, Barcelona, ​​SpainBut if there is something that stands out about the Agbar Tower over many monuments in Barcelona, ​​it is its night lighting, which thanks to its attractive colors attracts thousands of tourists every night who do not want to miss the show.

To achieve this lighting, the tower has 4,500 light elements that project different shapes on the façade.

And all this despite the fact that in its origins and during its construction it created a great controversy among the people of Barcelona due to the daring of its design.

Re-Swiss Tower and Tower of LondonBy the way, if you’ve been to London, surely the Torre Agbar reminds you of the Swiss Re, a very similar tower that dominates the sky of the City of London and designed by Norman Foster.

They really have nothing to do with each other, but the resemblance is uncanny. Of course, both receive a similar nickname, the cucumber in the Barcelona case and the gherkin in the London case.

So if you visit Barcelona, ​​don’t forget to go and enjoy the lighting of the Torre Agbar and we hope that the hotel that is going to open in it will do so soon and we can visit it from the inside and enjoy good views of the city of Barcelona.

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