Visiting the Parks and Gardens of Barcelona

Barcelona is a special city if you are looking for modernist buildings and fascinating monuments but there is also time to rest, relax and enjoy its many parks and gardens.

Being in contact with nature within a city and breathing fresh air is always a very rewarding experience.

The best known is the Park Güell, but in Barcelona you also have other parks to enjoy. Apart from the Park Güell, the most beautiful is the Parque de la Ciudadela.

The most famous, Park Güell

Barcelona - Park GuellThe most famous and most beautiful park in Barcelona is Park Güell, the one built by Antonio Gaudí in modernist style and enjoyed by thousands of tourists every day.

If you want to know more about this park, you can see our article that we dedicated back in the day to this architectural jewel of Barcelona. What to see in Park Güell.

You can also take this guided tour of Park Güell to discover this park in an exceptional way.

Citadel Park

Barcelona - Ciudadella ParkParque de la Ciudadela was the first park in the city and was built on the site of a former fortress.

It is very similar to the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris and was built for the Universal Exhibition of 1888.

It is 17 hectares of vegetation and tranquility being one of the main lungs of the city.

Inside the Parque de la Ciudadella we can find the city Zoo dating from 1892 and has numerous animals from the 5 continents.

In addition to the Zoo, in the Parque de la Cudadela we can also see various buildings that remained from the old Citadel, such as the Governor’s Palace, the Chapel and the Arsenal, which is currently the seat of the Parliament of Catalonia.

Its most important point is the Castle of the Three Dragons and also the Waterfall, in addition to the lakes and sculptures that we can see in the park.

The closest Metro station to the park is Ciutadella/Vila Olímpica (line 4).

Other parks in Barcelona

Barcelona - Joan Maragall GardensIn the city of Barcelona you can find parks almost anywhere where you can relax and walk.

One of these parks is the Joan Brossa Gardens, 5 hectares in size and whose main attraction is the views you have of the city around the many bronze statues it contains.

It is located next to the Montjuic mountain, a place where you can find other parks such as the Joan Maragall Gardens, created for royalty, or the Mirador de Midgia, recommended to escape the summer heat and from where you also have wonderful views..

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