Montjuïc mountain. What to see and what to do

World famous as a result of the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992, the magical mountain of Montjuic is one of the must-sees if you go to Barcelona.

And it is thanks to its monuments, its museums, its atmosphere, its gardens, the views and the sports spaces that those 2 wonderful weeks for Spanish sport left us.

In the Montjuic Mountain you have many places of interest to visit that will surely not disappoint you. A very interesting activity is to ride the Montjuic Cable Car.

What to see in the Monjuic Mountain

The Magic Fountain of Monjtuic and the National Art Museum of Catalonia

What to see in Montjuic - Magic Fountain and Art Museum of CataloniaAt the beginning of the ascent of this mountain that rises 173 meters above sea level we have one of the most beautiful places in Barcelona.

This area is located next to the Plaza de España and the fairgrounds and forms a stamp that appears on all the postcards.

The Magic Fountain of Montjuic attracts thousands of visitors looking for its light and water shows that have been held for 80 years.

Just behind the fountain is a spectacular building that houses the National Art Museum of Catalonia, in a classicist style and built for the 1929 Universal Exhibition. Next to it is the Joan Miró Foundation, another very interesting museum.

Visit the Montjuïc Castle

Walk through Barcelona - Montjuic CastleMontjuic Castle is located at the top of the mountain and it is an old military fortress that has had great importance in the history of Barcelona.

It was built during the 17th century and became a key building during the War of Succession, although it was of vital importance during Napoleon’s invasion or the Spanish Civil War and Franco’s dictatorship.

It was there that Lluis Companys, the former President of the Generalitat, was shot. In the Montjuic Castle you have an excellent viewpoint with which you can see a large part of Barcelona and have beautiful views of the Port.

You can also take the opportunity to visit the Joan Brossa Gardens, where the Amusement Park used to be.

The Olympic Ring, the magic of 1992

Walk around Montjuic - Barcelona Olympic RingMontjuic Mountain was the nerve center of the 1992 Olympic Games.

There are the Olympic Stadium and the Palau Sant Jordi, two of the most important sports venues in Barcelona.

But in addition, there are also the Picornell Pools and the Salto pools, those in which we could enjoy the images of Barcelona in the background while the swimmers jumped.

Also very interesting is the Communications Tower designed by Calatrava and which is also a symbol of Barcelona. It is impossible to pass through that area without nostalgically remembering those wonderful days when Barcelona was the center of attention on the planet.

The Spanish Village, all of Spain in one enclosure

Barcelona - Spanish VillageThe Spanish Village was also built for the Universal Exhibition of 1929.

It is a curious area where some of the most beautiful places in Spain are represented, a total of 117 squares, streets and buildings with which you can take a tour of the different architectural styles of Spain.

At first it was thought to destroy the Pueblo Español but thanks to its success it remained standing and has survived to this day.

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