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What to do in Las Vegas, the Gambling Capital

Las Vegas is the largest entertainment center in the world, one of the cities that attracts the most people each year and also the city that grew the most during the last century.

In addition to its world-famous casinos, you will also find themed hotels, nightclubs, shows and lots of fun, even for children.

In Las Vegas we can find two different areas where you can enjoy. Here we tell you what they are.

What to see in Las Vegas

las vegas stripOne of the areas to visit in Las Vegas is the Strip, whose official name is Las Vegas Boulevard.

In this street are the main hotels and casinos as well as the most important shopping centers and many places with different shows.

It is 5 km long and you will never get tired of going through it, especially when night falls and the city becomes the main entertainment center in the world.

The other area of ​​Las Vegas is Fremont Street, the oldest area of ​​the city, although here we also have the chance to see many casinos and even the construction of the Strip was the most famous area.

Las Vegas hotels

The Venetian - Las VegasIn Las Vegas you will find numerous hotels for all budgets and tastes.

But the most famous are the themed ones such as Caesars Palace, dedicated to Ancient Rome and located in the center of the Strip, and The Venetian, dedicated to the Italian city of Venice.

It is this hotel that recreates the Grand Canal, Saint Mark’s Square or the Rialto Bridge. Gondola rides are even offered.

Other themed hotels that you can find in Las Vegas are New York, New York, with the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty, the Luxor Hotel, where a 30-story pyramid was built, and the Paris Hotel, where it is located. a reproduction of the Eiffel Tower 130 meters high.

But not all hotels are themed and we can also find other themed ones, with a lot of luxury and that are also worth visiting, such as the famous Hotel Bellagio, the MGM Grand or the Flamingo.

The Vegas Shows

welcome to las vegasThey are innumerable and you have something for all tastes.

Among the available shows you have theater, circus, magic, concerts and showgirls.

In this way you can attend the Phantom performance, the famous musical The Phantom of the Opera or the magic shows of the famous David Copperfield.

The showgirl shows are world famous and Jubilee is highlighted with dances and re-enactments of historical events.

At Jubilee there are even shows for children in which the dancers are not topless.

If you don’t want to pay for the shows, you also have them free, like the fountains at the Bellagio Hotel, the Mirage Volcano or the Circus Circus, free all day.

Other activities in Las Vegas

Stratosphere - Las VegasNot everything in Las Vegas is casinos, circuses and activities related to the night.

You can also do other activities such as Kart racing, skydiving or play golf at one of the 20 existing golf courses in Las Vegas.

You can also climb the Stratosphere Tower and enjoy views of the city from 300 meters high and The Gun Store where you can get your adrenaline pumping while practicing shooting with real weapons.

And of course, as we have seen in many movies, another of the activities in Las Vegas is… getting married.

Every year 120,000 weddings are celebrated, ranging from the most traditional to themed in the way that your imagination arrives. Getting married dressed as Elvis is already very seen but surely you have some other idea.

Excursions near Las Vegas

Grand Canyon of the ColoradoLas Vegas has surroundings that you will surely not want to miss.

Of course, the most famous of all and essential if you go to Las Vegas is to visit the Grand Canyon.

It is only 150 km away in a straight line, but you should know that getting there will take you about 4 hours. Even so, it is worth approaching either by rented car or on one of the numerous excursions that are offered there.

Other excursions you can take are visiting the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, located 50 km from Las Vegas and where you can go scuba diving or climbing, or visit the Valley of Fire, the oldest state park in Nevada and which stands out for the reddish color of its rocks.

How to get to Las Vegas

The easiest way is to get there by plane, which are also quite cheap from other cities in the United States.

It’s about 6 hours from New York, 1 hour from Los Angeles or 2 hours from San Francisco. But you can also go by rental car from these two Californian cities, an option that will give you more freedom to later visit the nearby attractions.

To get from the Airport to downtown Las Vegas, it is best to use a taxi. It will cost you between $15 and $20.

If you want to use a shuttle, the price is approximately $6-$8 per person, so it is only recommended if you go only to the capital of the game.

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