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The Hilton Niagara Falls Hotel

With this article we inaugurate our section dedicated to the hotels in which we have been. Some have been better and others have been worse, but without a doubt one of the best is the one we stayed in during our stay in Niagara Falls, the Hilton Niagara Falls Hotel.

This spectacular hotel is one of those chosen by people who visit Niagara Falls because it has a series of rooms from which it is possible to observe the beauty of the Falls in a special way. It seemed almost perfect to us, although to put a but we must say that just in front is the famous Casino that is located right in the middle of the two falls, making the view a bit ugly.

Hotel rooms

Hilton Niagara Falls - JacuzziThe Hilton Niagara Falls Hotel consists of two fairly tall towers in which all the rooms are located. These are of various types and their prices vary quite a bit depending on their amenities and especially the views, because here more than anywhere else, the views you get through the window are a decisive factor when choosing a room. In this way there are rooms with views only of the city, others with views of the American Falls and others with views of both falls. Obviously, the latter are the most expensive but they are the ones we recommend. We were in one of them. Regarding the comforts we were in a suite type with jacuzzi. Said like this, it may seem that we paid a lot of money but we must say that sleeping in the hotel is not expensive at all (or at least at the time we were there) taking into account the situation of the hotel and the room in which we were. Believe it or not, we only paid €120 for one night with breakfast and parking.

The restaurants

Hilton Niagara Falls - ViewsThe hotel has several restaurants, one of them Brazilian (rodizio style), another Italian and the most important of all, one located on the top floor of the highest tower from where you have spectacular views of the falls. Imagine dining there with the falls lit up in the background. We did not eat dinner at any of them but it must be said that they are quite expensive. Around you have quite a few restaurants although we also have to say that they are not cheap at all. In general, the area being very touristy is very expensive. regarding breakfast, it is a buffet with all kinds of food and, taking into account the type of breakfasts served in hotels in the United States and Canada, it can be said that it is very good.

Other hotel features

Hilton Niagara Falls - PoolIn addition, the hotel has parking and an indoor pool, in case you want to relax during your stay in Niagara Falls. And if you are a casino lover, as we have said before, the hotel is right in front of the Casino and there is also an underpass that takes you directly from the hotel. If it rains you won’t get wet.

If you want to make a reservation at this hotel, we recommend choosing one of the packages offered on the Hilton Niagara Falls Hotel website, where you will find interesting offers. Just by entering its page you will be looking forward to a trip to the spectacular Niagara Falls as soon as possible to stay at this hotel.

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