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Visit the CN Tower – Toronto from 533 meters high

The CN Tower is the most famous landmark to see in Toronto and possibly all of Canada.

It is undoubtedly the most impressive building in Toronto and you cannot resist going up to have the best views of the region and the rest of the skyscrapers at your feet.

You can even see Niagara Falls on clear days. Here we tell you how it can be visited as well as other useful information about this impressive tower that will not leave you indifferent if you visit Toronto.

The visit to the CN Tower. What to see how to climb

Toronto - SkylineThe most famous tower in Toronto has different viewpoints at various heights, each with its peculiarities and charms.

Depending on the type of visit you want to make and the number of attractions, you have several types of tickets at different prices. The points of interest that the tower has are the following:

  • Lookout. It is the first of the viewpoints and is 346 meters high. To get to it you will use a fast elevator, with part of the glass floor, which takes you there in less than a minute. The gazebo is glass enclosed but the views are spectacular of Lake Ontario and part of the city. On this same level is the restaurant from which you can see the rest of Toronto’s skyscrapers.
  • GlassFloor. This is one of the most impressive places in the tower, because surely you have been in very tall towers but very few with a glass floor where you can live a chilling adventure. If you manage to overcome vertigo, you can walk on it having a sensation of floating because under your feet you will only see the street. But don’t worry, the floor is capable of withstanding the weight of 14 hippos and every year they are thoroughly checked. It is 342 meters high and at this same height there is also another open viewpoint without glass (but protected with bars).
  • Skypod. It is the highest of the viewpoints. It is 447 meters high and on clear days you can see more than 150 km away, including Niagara Falls. You also have a 360º vision. To get to it you have to take another elevator at the Lookout and pay a separate ticket.
  • Edge Walk. This attraction is for the most daring and consists of literally hanging from the tower at a height of 356 meters, making a complete turn around the structure. Its price is quite high and you have to pass a previous safety course. This is indeed an experience for the most daring.

In addition to these attractions and their restaurants, you also have a simulator and a 3D cinema where the projections change periodically. This is pretty expendable.

The construction of the CN Tower

Toronto - CN Tower - Glass FloorThe immense CN Tower was built on the initiative of the Canadian National Railway (hence its name) due to the communication problems it had due to the proliferation of skyscrapers in Toronto.

Construction began in 1973 and after an investment of more than 250 million dollars at the time and with more than 1,500 workers.

It was inaugurated in 1976 with a height of no less than 533.33 meters, making it the tallest tower in the world until the impressive Burj Khalifa was built in Dubai in 2010.

It currently receives thousands of daily visits that access the different viewpoints, its revolving restaurant and the rest of the attractions that the tower currently has.

Night lighting

If you spend several days in Toronto or if it is not your first visit, you may notice that the lighting of the tower is not the same every day.

The entire structure of the CN Tower is illuminated, achieving a very interesting visual effect and the colors change according to the occasion. Every day something is celebrated and it has a characteristic color.

For this reason, on Halloween you will see it orange or on Christmas you will see it red. Or with color combinations. Without a doubt, a very fun way to want to observe the CN Tower every day.

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