What to do in Disneyland Park, magic for children and adults

The main park of Disneyland Paris is the Disneyland Park. It is also the most visited and due to its characteristics it is preferred by children, although adults also enjoy visiting this park a lot.

If it is the first time that you visit Disneyland Paris, it is recommended to go to this park if you only have one day because it is the most complete and famous. If you have already visited it before or you go more days, you can already think about visiting the Walt Disney Studios Park, which is right next door.

We recommend you review the offers for Disneyland Paris that are being released from time to time.

Description of the Disneyland Park in Paris.

Disneyland Paris ParadeThe Disneyland Park in Paris is based on the original park of the Disney factory located in the United States, specifically in California.

It is the children’s favorite because it is where they can see their favorite Disney characters as well as attractions, restaurants, shows and shops based on these characters.

At the end of the day, children can also enjoy the famous parade in which their favorite characters dance and parade to the sound of the most famous music from their movies and cartoons.

The park is divided into 5 themed areas that are very easy to visit in a circular way and that we describe below.

The areas of Disneyland Park

The 5 thematic zones (called «Lands») in which the park is divided are the following:

  • Main StreetUSA. This area has typical early 20th century décor and is made up of Victorian-style shops and restaurants. There is also a horse-drawn carriage with which you can travel this entire street. It is the area closest to the entrance.
  • Fantasyland. This is where fantasy takes center stage because fairy tales are its theme. The famous Sleeping Beauty Castle that we have seen in so many photos is located here. It will be the favorite area of ​​the smallest of the house.
  • Disneyland Paris - Space MountainFrontierland. It is set in a mining town in the Wild West. It has a steamboat with which you can take a ride on its river and the main and most famous attraction is the incredibleBig Thunder Mountain.
  • Adventureland. With Asian decoration is the area dedicated to adventure movies. Indiana Jones or Jack Sparrow are its protagonists. The most adventurous will enjoy this incredible area.
  • Discoveryland. Lovers of attractions and futuristic decoration will enjoy this area and its star attraction: Space Mountain.

The Fastpass to save you queues at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris - CastleA good way to avoid queues is the Fastpass.

The usual thing in Disneyland Paris is that there are many people so the queues can be endless. Thanks to the Fastpass you can avoid them.

To do this, with your ticket you go to the machines that exist next to the attractions where they will give you a ticket that indicates the time slot in which you can access without queues.

In this way, the only queue you will make will be that of those who also have the Fastpass, which is always smaller.

It must be said that you can only have one at a time. That is, until you use the one you have, you will not be able to go to another attraction to get another Fastpass. The drawback is that you can only use it in the indicated time slot.

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