Sainte Chapelle and its impressive stained glass windows. The Conciergerie

One of the places that I liked the most in Paris was the impressive Sainte Chapelle, located on the Ilé de la Cité and one of the best things to see in Paris.

It is a church with a great history behind it and where the most important thing is the huge stained glass windows of the upper chapel, which excite anyone who is lucky enough to see them in person.

What to see in Sainte-Chapelle

Paris - Sainte-ChapelleSainte Chapelle is a Gothic temple, built during the 13th century in just 6 years, to contain the Relics of Jesus Christ that King Louis IX bought from the last King of Constantinople.

Among these relics was the crown of thorns, the iron of the spear, the sponge, and a piece of the cross.

These relics cost even more than the building itself, whose main attraction is the stained glass windows depicting various religious scenes found in the upper chapel.

It currently does not house these relics. Most were destroyed during the French Revolution and those that survived are preserved in Notre Dame Cathedral.

The chapels of Sainte Chapelle

Paris - Sainte Chapelle - ExteriorSainte Chapelle is made up of 2 chapels, one lower and one upper.

The upper one was where the relics were deposited and which could only be accessed by the King and his family and friends.

For the rest of Parisians, the lower chapel was the only one they could access and the one dedicated to worship. Currently the lower chapel is less interesting than the upper one.

In the lower chapel we can find an image of the patron saint of the sanctuary, the Virgin, as well as the fresco of The Annunciation, the oldest mural found in the city.

This mural is from the 13th century, from the time the temple was built. In one of the corners is the spiral staircase that takes you to the most spectacular place in Sainte Chapelle.

In the upper chapel are the famous stained glass windows and sculptures. Both seem to take us to Jerusalem.

The chapel is made up of 15 stained glass windows and has 1,113 scenes that narrate the history of man from Genesis to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. If you are lucky enough to visit it on a sunny day, the image inside is something you will never forget.

The most important stained glass window of all is the one that tells the story of the relics of the Passion and the statue of Saint Peter, the Great Reliquary in which the relics were deposited and the rose window to the west and where it is represented the Apocalypse.

Visit the concierge

Paris - ConciergerieAdjacent to Sainte Chapelle is another of Paris’ most impressive buildings, the Conciergerie.

Although it can be said that it is spectacular from the outside, especially if it is seen from the other side of the Seine River, its interior must also be highlighted.

It was the residence of the Kings of France until the 14th century and later became the most famous prison in France. This was the place where Marie Antoinette was imprisoned before being executed and she was considered the antechamber of death.

Terror can still be felt today on its walls, in its huge room and in the recreation of the prison.

You can find more information on the official website of Sainte Chapelle.

You can find more information on the official website of the Conciergerie.

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