How to get to Paris

If you are thinking of going to Paris, here we tell you how you can do it. In the city of Paris there are 2 airports, Charles de Gaulle and Orly.

Because Ryanair uses the Beauvais-Tillé Airport to market its flights to Paris, although it is 90 km from the city, this aerodrome also ends up being considered Parisian.

We will therefore tell you how to get to the different airports in Paris and from them to the city center.

From Charles de Gaulle Airport to the city center

Charles de Gaulle Airport is the main airport in Paris. Also known as Roissy because it is located in this town, it is approximately 25 km from Paris. It consists of 3 terminals (the 2 is divided into several) and has a free bus to move between them. To get to the center of Paris from Charles de Gaulle you have the following means of transport:

  • Les Cars Air France. Air France bus lines 2 and 4 take you from the airport to the center. They only stop at terminals 1 and 2, so if you arrive at 3 you will have to transfer to the others. Line 2 drops you off at the Etoile and Porte Maillot metro stations in about 40 minutes depending on traffic. It costs €15 one way and €24 return. Line 4 leaves you at the Gare du Lyon and Gare du Montarnasse train stations in around 50 minutes and costs €16.5 one way and €27 return.
  • Roissybus. This bus departs from all terminals except 2G and takes you from the airport to the Paris Opera. The duration of the trip is approximately 1 hour and it costs €9.40, valid for the Paris Visite and Navigo cards.
  • RAPT buses. They are the urban buses of Paris. Thanks to lines 350 and 351 they will take you to Gare d’Est and Nation respectively. You have to pay 3 ticket+ and they only stop at terminals 1 and 2. At night, the RAPT buses that you will have to use are the N140 and N143, which leave you at Gare d’Est and in this case they do stop at the 3 terminals.
  • RER. It is the easiest way to get to the center of Paris. To do this, you will use line B, which stops at terminals 1 and 2. There is no station at terminal 3. The price is €8.70 and it takes you to the center in 35 minutes, depending on the station you go to.
  • Taxi. It is the most comfortable option but also the most expensive. However, it is not the fastest as you will arrive in about 45-60 minutes depending on the destination and the traffic.It usually costs around €50,

Getting to Paris from Orly Airport

It is located about 14km from the center of Paris. It consists of 2 terminals and to move between the two you have the Orlyval (free train between the terminals) or the free buses. To get to the center of Paris you have the following options:

  • Orlyval + RER. The airport does not have an RER station, so you must take the Orlyval to Anthony station (8 minutes) from where, thanks to line B, you will reach the center of Paris in 25 minutes. You can buy a combined ticket at the airport that costs €10.25. If you already have a transport card and want to pay only for the Orlyval, it costs €7.90.
  • Paris by Train + RER. The Paris par le Train bus takes you in 10 minutes from the airport to Pont de Rungis station where you can take RER line C to reach the center of Paris in 25 minutes. There is no combined ticket but the sum of both is €6.30 (€2.50+€3.80).
  • Les Cars Air France. Line 1 will take you to the center and will leave you at Gare Montparnasse, Invalides and Etoile. It costs €11.5 one way and €18.5 return. It works approximately between 5am and 10pm.
  • RAPT buses. The urban bus lines that take you to the center are 183 (to Porte Choisy), 285 (Louis Aragon) and 292 (Rungis). The 3 lines are taken only in the West terminal, so if you arrive at the South you will have to move. The trip costs €1.80.
  • Taxi. It is the least economical option as it will cost you around €45. The duration of the trip is approximately 30 minutes depending on the destination and the traffic.

Go to Paris from Beauvais-Tillé Airport

Its code is BVA and it is located 90 km from Paris. It is the airport used by Ryanair to transfer its clients to Paris.It is only advisable to travel to this airport if you have really got a very cheap fare. The options to go to the center of Paris are the following:

  • Shuttle bus. It is a service offered by the airport and it leaves you at the Arc de Triomphe. Part after the arrival of each plane. Those who go to the airport leave from the same place 3 hours before the departure of the flight. Its price is €15.
  • Taxi + Train. At the airport you must take a taxi to take you to the Beauvais train station where you can use the SNCF services. The taxi takes you in 15 minutes and costs a fixed rate of €13 during the day and €16 at night and the train takes 1:15 hours to Gare du Nord with variable rates.
  • Taxi. If you decide to go by taxi to Paris itself, you should know that it will cost you between €140 and €180 depending on the traffic and the destination. Unless you have no other option, do not use the taxi.

Go to Paris by car, bus or train

These means of transport are less used but they also have their advantages. From Spain there are night trains with all the comforts of a hotel that depart from Madrid or Barcelona late in the afternoon to leave you at the Austerlitz station in Paris early the next morning.

By bus or car the duration of the trip is enormous and it is not recommended unless it is necessary and you have no other option. You have to remember that even if you go with your family and you think that the car is going to be cheaper , the price of gasoline is very high and in France there are quite a few tolls.

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