Tower Bridge, the most famous bridge in London

Tower Bridge is possibly the best known icon of London as it appears in almost any information related to this city.

Its appearance in many films makes it an image recorded in the minds of many people and something totally recognizable from the city of the Thames.

It is situated next to the Tower of London and a modern building designed by Norman Foster that accommodates the Greater London City Council offices across the river.

Construction of tower bridge

London - Tower BridgeThe Tower Bridge was completed in 1894 and was built due to the growth of the city in an easterly direction on both sides of the Thames, which required a new point of union between the two banks.

The only problem is that this bridge had to be a drawbridge, since otherwise, the then port of London would have been blocked.

The bridge has undergone several small renovations throughout history and is characteristic thanks to the two towers that are in the middle of it.

There is an elevated walkway that covers the 61 meters of distance between one tower and another.

Visiting Tower Bridge

London - Thames WalkWe can enjoy Tower Bridge simply by crossing it or looking at this masterpiece from the Tower of London or City Hall.

But it is also possible to make a visit inside.

In it we can enjoy an exhibition on its construction, with a visit to the original engine room included.

We will also enjoy a walk from one tower to the other along its walkway.

From here the views of the City of London and other monuments such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, the old Victorian docks or HMS Belfast, a World War II battleship, are spectacular.

You can find more information here: Tower Bridge.

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