A walk through the City, the financial area of ​​London

In the place where the ancient Roman settlement that gave rise to the city of London was located is the City of London, better known as simply the City, a place that you must visit if you go to London.

It is currently the financial district of the city and very few people live there. In fact, it has gone from more than 200,000 inhabitants around the year 1700 to just over 7,000 inhabitants today.

If you visit the City, do it during the week and in the morning to see it in all its splendor.

What to see in the City of London

London-CityIn the City Quarter, which comes to life every day at dawn to die at night and on weekends, we can find three of the main monuments of London.

These are St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

These three visits are a must, but since we have already told you about them before, here we are going to describe the rest of the neighborhood.

In the City we can find 52 churches that were built after the Great Fire of London in 1666 and that destroyed much of the City.

These 52 churches are part of the attractiveness of the City and although it is really impossible to visit them all, it is recommended to visit some and enjoy their architecture.

A walk through the City can begin at St. Paul’s Cathedral and after admiring this great architectural jewel we can walk to the Gindhall, which was London’s City Hall for centuries.

It is currently used for events but is still an administrative headquarters for the neighborhood.

Beneath this incredible building there is something that very few visitors to London know about, a Roman amphitheater that can also be visited.

London - Bank of EnglandNearby we find the most financial area of ​​London, where there are numerous banks, the Stock Exchange and the Bank of England.

This last building has a museum obviously dedicated to money and that can be visited for free.

This area must be visited from Monday to Friday in the morning or at most in the early afternoon to be able to see it in all its glory.

London - MonumentOn the way to The Monument and strolling around a bit we can see the Leadenhall Market, a very interesting market that has served as the setting for the Harry Potter movies.

That’s where Harry did his shopping, like his wand, in the first film in the series.

The Monument, located closer to the river, is a 61-meter-high column that you can climb and have a nice view of the city.

61 meters is the distance from this memorial of the Great Fire of London to the place where it originated.

And to finish our walk we will end up in the area of ​​the Tower of London and Tower Bridge where you can rest after walking through a frenetic area full of history and imposing buildings.

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