What to see in London in 3 days. A tour of the city

Thanks to the proximity of the British Isles to Spain, London is a perfect destination for a weekend getaway or on a bridge to visit it.

In any case, there are many places to see in London, so we recommend going for at least a week.

And if not, you can always go to work or take an English course. Here we are going to recommend a route to do in three days.

What to see in London in three days

What to see in London on the first day

London - Buckingham PalaceThe first day in London we can take advantage of it to visit the Buckingham Palace area.

You can go early and visit it inside just before seeing the Changing of the Guard outside.

This palace is surrounded by gardens, such as St. James’s Park or Green Park. We especially recommend visiting the first one, as we consider it to be the best of all the ones to see in London.

On the other side of St. James’s Park we will arrive at the Horse Guard Parade, where a changing of the guard on horseback is held which is also very interesting.

London - Horse Guard ParadeBehind the buildings on this square is Whitehall, a street lined with government buildings and where Downing Street, the street where the Prime Minister lives, starts.

Overcoming the temptation to go to Trafalgar Square, what we will do is go to the Parliament and Big Ben area, where you can take the typical photos with the most famous monument in London.

But halfway you must visit Westminster Abbey, a place that you should not miss and that will take you at least two hours.

The next destination for this first day will be the London Eye, from which you will be able to admire everything you have been seeing during this day and relax with its slow movement.

Afterwards, you can take the tube to the Covent Garden area to dine in an area full of restaurants and a lot of atmosphere.

What to visit in London on the second day

London - Tower of LondonOn the second day of London we can go to the east of the city.

We can go by tube but we recommend going by boat on the Thames to the Tower of London.

There, you can also admire the most famous bridge in the city, Tower Bridge.

Visiting the Tower of London will take you 2 or 3 hours, so it is best to get up early to make the most of the day.

From this area you can also admire HMS Belfast and London City Hall on the other side of the river.

London - Tower BridgeAfter the visits, what is time is a walk through the City, the oldest area of ​​London built on the ancient Roman city.

The Bank of England, the Stock Exchange or St. Paul’s Cathedral are the main places to see in the City of London.

You can spend the rest of the day shopping. For them there are several places to choose from, from Camdem Town to the shopping streets Oxford Street and Regents Street or Harrods itself.

For dinner this time we can choose Piccadilly Circus, the square with the most famous advertisements in London.

Third day in London

London - Trafalgar SquareFor our last day in London we have reserved a visit to one of its museums. Or even two museums.

We can start the day at the British Museum and get to know its areas of Egypt, Greece and admire the Rosetta Stone and then move to Trafalgar Square, the main square in London where the National Gallery is located.

If you see that visiting two museums in a row is too much, you can spread them over two days.

There are many more museums but if you have little time, these are the two essential museums that you must visit in London.

To finish this last day you can go to Hyde Park and see the most famous park of all, although as we have said before, not the most beautiful. If you have more time, do not miss Greenwich either, although the trip there will be a bit long.

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