Back in Time at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London

Shakespeare ‘s Globe Theater is one of the most historic theaters in London as the best works of Shakespeare were performed there when it was built in 1599.

In fact, many of Shakespeare’s plays were created to be performed here so they were tailor-made for the theater.

Currently we can see a theater rebuilt in the image and likeness of the original that you should not miss.

Visit Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

London - Shakespeare Globe TheaterBuilt in 1599, unfortunately in 1613 it was consumed by flames in an unfortunate fire that started during a performance and was completely destroyed.

In its reconstruction, the rules of the old construction were respected and it continued to function until all the theaters in London were closed in 1642 and demolished in 1644.

Plays are performed at Shakespeare’s Globe from May to October and can also be visited through guided tours, which show the tiers in which the theater is divided according to the different social classes that could go.

In addition, during the visit you can admire the stage in great detail, as well as the secret entrances that allowed characters from the works of Shakespeare to access the stage.

The stage was accessed through three doors, through which the different actors entered during the performances.

London - Shakespeare Globe Theater - InteriorAs a curiosity, it should be noted that above the stage there was a balcony, also in the reconstructed one, which was used in the representation of the famous work of Romeo and Juliet.

Initially, just like the theaters of the time, it was a theater without a roof, which is why performances could not be held on rainy days, something very common in London.

For this reason, the theater only worked in summer, just like now, when the tradition has been maintained.

You can find more information on the official Shakespeare’s Globe Theater website.

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