How to Visit the Parliament of London and the famous Big Ben

One of the most famous images of London and that first comes to mind when visiting this city is the London Parliament and especially the great tower that is next to it, Big Ben.

The Houses of Parliament, also called the Palace of Westminster, is home to the House of Commons and the House of Lords, two historic sites you can visit. In addition, the visit can be done in Spanish so you can enjoy it much more if you do not speak English. D

also discover the schedules and prices to visit the Parliament of London.

The Exterior of the Houses of Parliament in London

london parliamentThe palace that we can currently admire dates from the mid-19th century after the necessary reconstruction after the fire.

The gothic style is observed in each facade of the London Parliament where we can see different golden pinnacles and statues of different kings.

The reflection of the facade in the water of the Thames gives it a special charm.

To have the best views of the exterior of Parliament, it is best to climb the London Eye and admire it.

The exterior also stands out for its towers, the tallest is the Victoria Tower, almost 100 meters high and where the Archives of Parliament are located.

This tower is where the King of the United Kingdom accesses Parliament when he makes an official visit and with the flag that flies at the top you know if he is inside.

But without a doubt, the most famous of all the towers that make up the Palace of Westminster is Big Ben.

The most famous tower, that of Big Ben

London - Big BenAt 96 meters high, the tower that houses the clock of the London Parliament is undoubtedly the most famous in the city.

It was built in 1858 and has a clock on each of its sides.

It should be noted that although the entire tower is known as Big Ben, that name is actually given to one of its bells, which weighs 14 tons,

The chimes of Big Ben can be heard when the huge 7 meter diameter clocks strike the hours sharp each day.

As an anecdote, we highlight that it is considered one of the most reliable clocks in the world, so much so that even during World War II, when part of the Palace was destroyed again, the clock continued to function and maintain the English punctuality that characterizes it.

The Interior of the Palace of Westminster

London House of LordsThe interior of the Parliament of London can be visited in two ways.

One is by going to a plenary session from Monday to Thursday and the other is by taking a guided tour that takes place on Saturdays and in summer every day except Sundays and Mondays.

Of course we recommend the guided tour of the Parliament of London.

But if your English is very good or you are interested in British politics, a plenary session is also very interesting but you will only be able to see the House of Commons from the guest gallery.

Of its enormous interior, in which there are more than 1,100 rooms, 3 rooms stand out. One of them is the Westminster Hall, the oldest part of the palace built in 1097 and where important events have been held.

The other 2 are the House of Commons and the House of Lords where you can feel like a parliamentarian and they will tell you about the political life of the country and how it works.

History of the Palace of Westminster

London - Houses of Parliament from London EyeThe origins of the Palace of Westminster go back to the middle of the 11th century when a royal palace was built at the same time as the Abbey of the same name.

The palace was undergoing various renovations and was the main residence of the Kings of England during the Middle Ages at the same time that it was gaining relevance in the country’s politics.

For this reason and until the construction of the Chambers, the meetings of the parliamentarians were held in the different royal offices.

After a fire in 1834 destroyed much of the palace, it was rebuilt in the Gothic style with the Houses of Lords and Commons having just been built. It was as a result of that fire that the British royal family left this palace to settle in Buckingham Palace. The last renovation of the palace was carried out after the bombing of London in World War II.

If you want to access a debate you can see the schedules here.

If you want more information you can go to the official page of the Parliament of London.

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