How to save in London: London Pass and 2×1

In London it is also possible to buy a tourist card with which you can obtain discounts and free access to various museums and monuments. The London tourist card is called the London Pass and here we are going to tell you about its benefits, prices and how to use it.

In addition, it is also possible to use the 2×1 discounts offered by the National Rail railway company.

London is a city that offers many possibilities to save during your visit to the city.

How to save with the London Pass Card

With the London Pass you can access more than 60 museums and monuments in London for free.

And most importantly, without waiting in line. It may seem expensive but if you organize your visits well you can save a lot.

There are two types of London Pass, the one that does not include transport and the one that includes the Travelcard.

There is no big difference between buying the London Pass and the Travelcard together or separately, simply that you only have to carry one card. In addition to free entry to the attractions included in the London Pass, you can get discounts in other places as well as restaurants and shops. The full list can be found here.

By the way, the Travelcard that they give you in the mode with transportation is for zones 1-6.

Modalities and rates of the London Pass

The London Pass exists for 1, 2, 3 and 6 days. If it is with Travelcard included, the transport is also valid on those days and also for zones 1-6. The London Pass prices are as follows.

The London Pass card can be purchased online on the official website and you can pick it up near Trafalgar Square. If you want, they can also send it to your home but it is much more expensive.

Get 2×1 discounts from National Rail

Another very easy way to save when visiting London is to use one of the 2×1 discounts offered by the National Rail company.

You can find discounts for monuments, museums and tourist tours, among which are the Tower of London or HMS Belfast.

The discounts can be printed on the Days Out Guide page and you simply have to take them printed to the place where you want to use them. Another way to obtain them is by buying a Travelcard at one of the National Rail station ticket offices.

Remember that only Travelcards purchased at these ticket offices are valid and those at metro stations or anywhere else will not be valid. They are also acquired when buying a return ticket to the airport.

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