The Sherlock Holmes Museum in London

When we talk about museums in London we always think of the typical British Museum or the National Gallery.

But at the famous 221B Baker Street we have a small museum dedicated to the world’s most famous detective.

Although we already know that the character is fictional, visiting the recreation of his house is a curious experience.

Many people wonder if they really lived there but it is safe to say that they did not because at that time the street only had 85 numbers and 221 was a made up number.

A visit to the House of Sherlock Holmes

London - Sherlock Holmes MuseumIn the visit to this house-museum where Sherlock Holmes lived with his friend Dr. Watson and the housekeeper, you will find three floors of the interior of a beautiful Victorian house where every detail immerses you in the novels of Arthur Conan Doyle.

At the door, you can take a photo with a typical London bobby before you enter and enjoy.

London - Sherlock Holmes Museum InteriorOn the first floor of the house we can find the bedroom of the famous detective and his office.

All the furniture is as described in the novels and the decoration is very well done.

On the second floor we find Doctor Watson’s bedroom and his belongings.

The third floor is a small wax museum as it contains various figures of the most terrible malefactors that Sherlock Holmes had to face, including the famous Moriarty.

If you are a fan of detective novels and more specifically those of Sherlock Holmes, do not miss the opportunity to visit number 221B Baker Street, the place where, according to the novels, the character created by Arthur Conan Doyle lived.

You can find more information on the official website of the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

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