The best excursions to do from London. What to visit

Although you have a lot to see in London, this fascinating city also has some spectacular surroundings that you can spend some time discovering. If you go to London for many days or have already visited it more times, here are some tips.

In addition, all these places are quite close to the city so you can go and return in a single day and enjoy a magical day visiting very diverse places and where you will find very special corners.

Here is a list of the best excursions to do from London. If you do not want to do them for free, it is much easier to hire one on the Hellotickets website.

The best excursions from London

Windsor and its castle

Windsor - St. George's ChapelOne of the closest places you can go from London is Windsor, a beautiful city to which millions of visitors go every year, attracted above all by its castle, a royal residence that dates back to the 11th century and where you can spend a good part of the day..

Windsor Castle is more than just a castle, since in it we can admire several buildings such as the Chapel of St. George, place of coronation of the British kings, the State Apartments or a spectacular Doll’s House that belonged to Queen Mary.

In Windsor you will also find other points of interest such as Central Station or Legoland Park.

Stonehenge and Bath

To the west of London, although somewhat further away, we find two places that can be visited in a single day. We are talking about Bath, founded by the Romans, and Stonehenge, the most famous megalithic monument in the world.

In Bath we can enjoy the impressive Roman baths that this civilization left us and that are still in operation, or the Cathedral of Bath, a marvel of English Gothic. You also have numerous museums to enjoy as well as the Gregorian architecture of its streets.

We can add little to Stonehenge that you have not already heard. A simply spectacular complex that will leave you speechless.

The University City of Oxford

Oxford - Radcliffe CameraAnother of the excursions you can take from London is Oxford, the quintessential university city that rivals Cambridge, both academically and in beauty.

Walking through Oxford and discovering each of its colleges, as well as its history and traditions, is an experience that you should not miss. Some can be visited knowing in this way what university life is like in them.

In Oxford there are also other very interesting monuments such as the Sheldonian Theatre, the famous Bodleian Library, the Church of St. Mary de Virgin, as well as different museums, highlighting the Museum of the History of Science where we can admire a blackboard written by Albert himself. Einstein.


Another of the excursions that we recommend doing from London is Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare, the most international English playwright.

The House of Shakespeare is its most visited and most famous place. It was open to the public for more than 250 years and in it you can see the family dining room or his bedrooms as well as an exhibition on his work and his legacy.

On the way to Stratford-upon-Avon you can enjoy one of the most beautiful regions of the United Kingdom, the Cotswolds, with beautiful villages and great landscapes.

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