What to see in London with children. Best plans

London is a very big city and although you may think that it is a disadvantage when traveling with children, it is actually a great advantage due to the number of options that the British capital offers us to be able to enjoy a family trip.

Luckily, there are many options to get to London from anywhere in Europe where we are.

Here we make a list of the best 4 activities to do in London with children so that this impressive city ends up captivating the little ones in the house as well.

Visit London museums

London - Sherlock Holmes MuseumIn London we have a wide variety of museums and best of all, they are free.

That is why if when entering one we see that the child does not like it or needs to leave, we will do it without any problem without remorse of conscience for the money paid.

But of course, not all museums are suitable for them, so we recommend visiting the Natural History Museum or the Science Museum, which are close together and are great fun.

In the first they will enjoy those animals that fascinate them like the dinosaurs while the second is a very interactive museum. The Sherlock Holmes Museum is also a great option to visit with children.

Enjoy Harry Potter Studios

London - Harry Potter StudiosOn this visit, surely no child will be disappointed.

It is possible to visit the studios where the films of the most famous wizard in literature were filmed and for this, a 3-hour guided tour will take you through Dumbledore ‘s office or through the Great Hall and you will be able to learn many secrets about the filming of the movies.

Many of the areas are interactive and you will have at your fingertips the Nimbus 2000 broom or Hagrid ‘s flying motorcycle. It is about 30 km from London but the 3 hours of the visit will be the most fun for the little ones.

We recommend buying the Harry Potter Studios Tour here in advance to avoid queues.

Stroll through the parks of London

London - Hyde ParkChildren really like parks and therefore London has a great advantage.

London ‘s parks are considered some of the best in the world and enjoying a family day out in one of them is a great plan.

Hyde Park is a park with many attractions for children while in St. James’s Park they can enjoy the number of animals there are.

And don’t forget Regent’s Park, inside which is the London Zoo.

Go to a Musical

London - The Lion KingLondon, along with New York, can be considered the city of musicals.

And there is always a wide range of musicals, including some suitable for children and that they will not forget, such as the successful The Lion King.

The offer is changing so it is recommended to find out which ones are on the billboard when you visit it.

As a drawback are the ticket prices and the difficulty to get them in some musicals. But the children will surely be something they will not forget.

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