Picadilly Circus and its popular neon signs

One of the most popular places in London is Piccadilly Circus, the most important public space in the West End, a reference area in the city’s leisure, as well as the perfect meeting point for partying.

It is a small square open to both traffic and pedestrians between 19th century buildings. Its main attractions are the corner of light panels and the statue of Eros.

Is there anyone who has visited London and has not been to Piccadilly Circus?

The illuminated panels of Piccadilly Circus

London - Piccadilly CircusIn 1987 the first illuminated advertising panels were installed in Piccadilly Circus.

In the beginning they were all neon and gave the square a unique appearance in London thanks to the multitude of colors that changed quickly.

Today all have been replaced by LED technology posters although it is still one of the most typical postcards for visitors.

If you are going to visit London, it is essential that you go to Piccadilly Circus and enjoy its atmosphere, fun and buildings.

The statue of Eros

London - Eros StatueOn the widest sidewalk of the square there is a small fountain with a statue of an angel above it.

The character is known as Eros, although it is known that the artist who sculpted it in 1893 intended to represent his twin brother Anteros.

Thousands of tourists pass through here every day to take photos with the famous angel despite the fact that when it was inaugurated there was much controversy because it was considered that the theater area was too frivolous for a statue representing an angel was there.

What to see around Piccadilly Circus

London - Covent GardenPicadilly Circus is used almost synonymously with London’s city center.

Near the square we can see picturesque places like Leicester Square or Soho to party, browse in Chinatown or buy the most trendy clothes in Carnaby Street or, on the contrary, something more traditional in Oxford Street.

If you spend enough time in Piccadilly Circus it is said that you will eventually run into someone you know.

It is also the perfect place to meet up with friends before going to spend some time in one of the many pubs or theaters in the area or spending an entertaining afternoon shopping.

How to Get to Piccadilly Circus

To get to Picadilly Circus you can use the Metro, Picadilly Circus station and the bus, thanks to lines 3, 6, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 22, 23, 38, 88, 94, 139, 159 and 453.

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