Clarence House in London, the home of the Prince of Wales

Clarence House in London is one of the most famous houses in the United Kingdom, because the Prince of Wales and his wife live there as their official residence.

The house is on the street from Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Square, and is adjacent to St. James’s Palace.

The proximity to these very touristic points of the city makes it one of the most visited places in London.

What to see in Clarence House

London - Clarence HouseIf you are interested in visiting this luxurious place, it will be good for you to know that in this place you can find the largest collection of paintings of Queen Elizabeth II.

In addition to private collections of silverware or porcelain, which will please all visitors.

London - Clarence House - InteriorYou will also be able to visit the main and most luxurious rooms of the mansion, among which are five rooms on the ground floor where the Prince of Wales carries out his important engagements.

However, the sanitary areas are not available for visits.

If you want to visit Clarence House you will obviously have to take advantage of the month that your visit is possible.

Being practically in the month of August when you can visit, the weather should not be a headache for those who are in London at that time, although in many cases the weather can be unpredictable.

What to see near Clarence House

London - Buckingham PalaceOther places to visit outside of Clarence House can be Buckingham Palace.

This building is the official residence of the British monarch and which is open to tourists to visit the most luxurious rooms, in addition to its famous gardens.

If you want to complete a great day of visits, you can also go to the Palace of St. James.

This building continues to have the distinction of being an official residence despite the fact that no monarch has lived there in the last two centuries.

It was built in 1530 and for years also served as a health hospital for lepers.

You can find more information on the official page of Clarence House.

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