Buckingham Palace, the Royal Residence of the United Kingdom

We hardly need to walk a few minutes from places like Big Ben, Victoria Station or Trafalgar Square to reach the official residence of the British Royal Family, Buckingham Palace.

Remember that if when you arrive at the palace you see the British Union Jack waving, the queen is not at home, but if on the contrary the flag is the royal standard, perhaps you could have five o’clock tea with her.

In addition, it is also possible to visit its interior in August and September.

Buckingham Palace, royal residence

London - Buckingham PalaceAlthough Buckingham Palace was built in 1703, it was not until Queen Victoria came to the throne in 1837 that the palace became the royal residence.

During its more than three centuries of history , Buckingham Palace has undergone various reforms.

The most important were those of 1847, when the west pavilion was built, which is now the main façade of the palace, and that of 1913.

In this last reform, that same façade was redesigned to remain as we see it today with all its Renaissance splendor.

In front of this facade we find a large square with a monument in honor of Queen Mother Victoria. A large avenue called The Mall extends from here, leading to Trafalgar Square.

The changing of the guard

London - Changing of the GuardThe main tourist attraction beyond the fact that it is the residence of the Queen of England are the well-known changing of the guard.

If we want to witness them, we must go with plenty of time to get a good seat since at those times the palace is always crowded.

To achieve this goal, we recommend placing yourself near the palace gate.

By the way, look at the flag. If it waves, the Queen is present at Buckingham Palace at the time.

Parks near Buckingham Palace

London - St James ParkUndoubtedly the best thing about the surroundings of Buckingham Palace are the parks that we find around it.

The Green Park is perfect to isolate yourself a bit from the world surrounded by nature.

But the most beautiful is St James’s Park, an explosion of color, perfect for a picnic and with a beautiful lake with excellent views with the London Eye in the background. Of course, remember not to feed the pelicans.

Without a doubt, a great end to a great visit.

You can find more information on the official website of Buckingham Palace.

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