A tour of the best markets in London

You can find everything from luxury goods to flowers to souvenir shops in London’s markets.

This is what makes these places in London great, which manage to receive millions of visits during the year due to their already great world fame.

If you are thinking of traveling to London, we especially recommend that you do not miss these markets, which for the occasional tourist will be an unforgettable walk.

The best markets to visit in London

But if you still have doubts about what these markets are about, here we are going to review the most important ones in the city.

  • London - Campden LockCandem Lock Market: place where you can find everything like clothes, accessories, art or even good quality furniture. Through its more than 100 markets, you can find thousands of products.
  • Alfies Antiques Market: Dedicated to the most “vintage”, in this market you can find innumerable antique products in its more than 600 market stalls with different products such as clothing, collector’s items or 20th century antiques. You can also stop by the cafeteria that is located on the roof of this building.
  • Borough Market: the perfect place to go to eat, since in this market you can find all kinds of food such as: meats, fruits, cheeses, spices, bakery products and more varieties.
  • Brick Lane Market: This market runs through the streets of Brick Lane and in it I could find everything. From markets with second-hand products, to some with luxury items. The surprises that can be found in it can be unforgettable.
  • London - Greenwich MarketBroadway Market – is located in Hackney. Here you can find products from the farm or made by local artisans, all first-hand, as well as the clothes or food that you can find in it.
  • Columbia Road Flower Market – One of the most beautiful and colorful markets. It is made up of a multitude of flowers from which you can choose your favorite flowers or simply enjoy the walk through the stalls that make it up.
  • Greenwich Market: place where you can find more than 150 markets dedicated to different specialties. From photo shops or tourist souvenirs, you can also find jewelry or clothing, all made by hand, which increases their value.
  • Portobello Road Market: another of the markets where variety fills its stalls. Here you can find everything from luxury products to posters, music or curiosities. This market is especially famous for its antiques.

Some markets that you cannot refuse to visit if you go to London for tourism. To be able to make a good visit you will need a full day and a lot of desire to look, search and marvel at the customs and crafts of the capital of the United Kingdom.

Try to do it in good weather, such as summer, to fully enjoy this unique experience. Although to travel to London any time can be good if you can enjoy the London markets.

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