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The Republic of Slovenia is a country belonging to Europe, whose capital is Ljubljana. It has a population of 2 million inhabitants (144º) and an area of ​​20,273 km 2 (151º). Its human development index is very high (25º) and its official currency is the euro. And what language is spoken in Slovenia?

What language do they speak in Slovenia?

Slovenia has one official language, Slovene.

Likewise, Italian and Hungarian are considered official languages ​​in the respective regions where there is a large ethnic mix with Slovenes. These areas are located on the borders with Italy and Hungary, respectively. Such is the point of officialdom, that even passports in those areas are issued in bilingual.

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Other minority languages, without any official status, are Croatian (72,300 native speakers), Serbian (50,000), Romani (3,830), and German (930). Despite not having any official status, Romani is a language protected by the government.

The most learned foreign languages ​​are Croatian (61%), English (59%), German (42%), Italian (12%), Russian (3%), French (3%) and Spanish (3%). This makes Slovenia one of the countries with the highest knowledge of foreign languages ​​in Europe. 92% of the population between 25 and 64 years of age speak at least 1 foreign language, and 71.8% speak at least 2 foreign languages.

The Slovenian language

Slovenian (slovenski jezik) is spoken by 97% of the population. Despite having few speakers, this language comprises at least 7 dialects (and 50 subdivisions). It is used in all official areas of the country. Movies or series can be broadcast in other languages, but they must be subtitled if they are not dubbed. Otherwise, fines and penalties by law will be received. The same goes for the sale of products without instructions in Slovenian. Companies and trademarks must also be in Slovenian.

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The Italian language

Italian (Italian ) is spoken by 0.2% of the population. It is co-official in 25 towns in 4 municipalities (all 4 are officially bilingual), located on the border with Italy. However, if both native and second language speakers are taken into account, the total is 12%, making Slovenia the country with the highest percentage of Italian speakers only behind Italy and Malta.

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Italian speakers have the right to receive primary and secondary education in their language, in addition to receiving radio frequencies and television broadcasts in that language, as well as communicating in Italian with the authorities.

Hungarian language

Hungarian or Magyar (Magyar Nyelv) is spoken by 0.4% of the population. It is co-official in 30 towns in 5 municipalities (of which 3 are officially bilingual), in the Transmurania region near the Hungarian border. Like Italian, the public use of Hungarian is allowed and protected, as well as communications with the authorities. They can receive primary and secondary education in their native language and there is even radio and television in Hungarian.

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