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    Slovenia language

    The Republic of Slovenia is a country belonging to Europe, whose capital is Ljubljana. It has a population of 2 million inhabitants (144º) and an area of ​​20,273 km 2 (151º). Its human development index is very high (25º) and its official currency is the euro. And what language is spoken in Slovenia? What language do they speak in Slovenia? Slovenia has one official language, Slovene. Likewise, Italian and Hungarian are considered official languages ​​in the respective regions where there is a large ethnic mix with Slovenes. These areas are located on the borders with Italy and Hungary, respectively. Such…

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  • History of Slovenia

    Brief history of Slovenia summarized A brief review of the summarized history of Slovenia, a European country. Slovenian Principles Around 3,500 stone age farmers lived in what is now Slovenia. The bronze age followed from 750 BC the iron age. Then, around 400 BC, the Celts settled in Slovenia. They formed the state of Noricum. However, in 10 BC the Romans conquered Slovenia. Under Roman rule, Slovenia prospered and cities such as Emona (Ljubljana), Celeia (Celje), and Poetovio (Ptuj) were founded. However, Roman rule collapsed in the 5th century AD In the 6th century AD the Slavs arrived in Slovenia.…

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  • Traditions and customs of Slovenia

    What traditions and customs are there in Slovenia? We observe the customs and traditions of Slovenia. Gastronomy Food in daily life Slovenia has a rich culinary tradition that is a product of both its climate and its location at the crossroads of Central Europe. Slovenian culinary heritage reflects Mediterranean, Alpine and Eastern European cultures. Meals are an important part of Slovenian family life, and enjoying a sandwich or a glass of wine in a café with friends is a typical social activity. Although each region of Slovenia has its own specialties, most of the oldest traditional Slovenian dishes are prepared…

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