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Patrick’s Cathedral, a cathedral among skyscrapers

Patrick ‘s Cathedral is the largest Gothic Revival building in North America.

It is a Catholic cathedral dedicated to the patron saint of Ireland (Saint Patrick) located between huge skyscrapers in clear contrast with the surroundings, which makes one feel that the temple is smaller than it really is.

Construction of St. Patrick’s Cathedral began in 1858, but the Civil War halted construction. These finally ended in 1865 once the war ended.

What to see in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

New York - Saint Patrick's CathedralThe first thing that strikes you about St. Patrick ‘s Cathedral is its imposing façade with two 100-meter-high towers that rise above Fifth Avenue.

Its 2 towers 100 meters high was the tallest building in New York, which is why it was built.

But today, it is surrounded by much larger skyscrapers, so its original idea of ​​being a landmark in the New York sky has faded over the years.

St. Patrick ‘s Cathedral is built with white marble quarried in the area and has a very ornate, neo- Gothic look.

New York - Saint Patrick's Cathedral - InteriorInside there are two points of interest that you should not miss: its impressive organs, although they are not the ones initially installed, and the statue of Pietà, which is three times larger than that of Saint Peter in the Vatican and was made by Miguel Angel.

Also of note are the Altar of Saint Michael and Saint Louis, designed by Tiffany & Co, and the bust of John Paul II found at the back of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.

There is a free tour of the cathedral in English from Monday to Friday that must be booked in advance. The hours are not always the same and should be consulted.

If you want more information, you can check the official website of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

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