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Broadway, the street of musicals in New York

Broadway is one of the most important and famous avenues in New York. As a curiosity, it is an exception to the design of streets in Manhattan where streets run from east to west and avenues from north to south.

Broadway crosses Manhattan diagonally from north to south and is one of the longest streets in the city.

Despite its length, Broadway is best known for the stretch of avenue that runs from Central Park to Times Square, in the so-called theater district.

Musicals on Broadway

New York - Mamma MiaIn New York you can find 3 types of musicals: those on Broadway, those off-Broadway and those off-off-Broadway, that is, those that are on Broadway, those that are outside and those that are far away.

You will find the best musicals to attend on Broadway but they will also be the most expensive and in many cases with very difficult tickets to get.

The off- Broadway ones are less well known but no less interesting.

Of course, one of the main activities for tourists in New York is to attend a musical or other show. And if you go with children you also have a wide range of musicals.

Some of them have been performing for decades every day, such as The Phantom of the Opera, but the best musicals that exist and have existed have passed through there.

How to attend a Broadway musical

If you want to attend a musical you have several options to get a ticket.

One of them is to buy it online, the most recommended option.

If you look for them in advance you can get tickets for the musical you want, the day you want and also with great discounts since they are cheaper than at the box office.

In addition, you avoid queues and waste time in them, something that in New York is gold, you can not waste time.

New York - TktsYou also have the option of buying them at the box office. In this case you will have to queue, possibly but what is certain is that they will be more expensive.

In addition, as much as possible if the purchases at the box office are not made well in advance, it is more than possible that you will not find tickets for the musical that you want or that the seats are not the desired ones.

And lastly you have the TKTS option. It is a store in Times Square, located under the famous red stairs. There, tickets that have not been sold at the box office on the day of the show are put on sale at very reduced prices.

But it also has its drawbacks, for example that there are never tickets for the most important musicals since those are usually sold out, and above all that you will have to queue quite a bit, at some times of the day up to 2 hours and as we have said before, the time in New York it’s gold and you can’t miss it.

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