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What to do in Central Park, the most famous in New York

Central Park is the most famous park in New York, inaugurated in 1873. It has a rectangular shape that is 4km long and 800m wide, so visiting the park completely requires a lot of time.

The park has several artificial lakes, large grassy areas for recreation, sports facilities and a very interesting zoo.

In addition to being a popular place for New Yorkers and visitors to play sports, walk, relax or enjoy the scenery, it is also a good place for animal lovers.

Excursions in Central Park

What to see and do in Central Park

New York - Central Park from Top of The RockDue to the extension of the park, the best way to get to know it completely is by bicycle, which can be rented in shops in the area.

It is also possible to do it walking, it will take more time but it is also the most recommended to fully enjoy it.

It is also possible to rent a horse carriage. The most important points of interest in Central Park are the following:

  • Water Conservatory.Next to this lake, where you can enjoy remote-controlled boats, are the famous sculptures of Alice in Wonderland and Hans Christian Andersen, author of The Ugly Duckling, who is also represented.

  • ThePond. It is located southeast of Central Park and is a place where tranquility is queen. The noise of New York City disappears in this lake that is located below sea level.
  • Wollman Rink. It is a skating rink to enjoy this sport. During the winter, the rink is made of ice and during the summer it is made of cement.
  • Tavern on the Green. This is a famous restaurant located inside Central Park. It is advisable to book if you want to go for lunch or dinner since it is usually quite crowded.
  • TheMall. It is one of the oldest walks in Central Park and is where the Literary Walk is found, where there are sculptures of musicians such as Bethoveen or Herbert, and writers such as William Shakespeare or Walter Scott.

New York - Central Park - Bow Bridge

  • Bethesda Terrace. One of the best known squares, especially for appearing in numerous films. In its center is a pretty fountain topped by a statue called “Angel of the Waters”.
  • TheLake. Opposite the previous square is another of the park’s lakes that can be enjoyed in a rowing boat.
  • Bow Bridge. The most famous bridge in the park, which is located in The Lake, and which is also another very cinematic place. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful images of Central Park and one of the most photographed.

New York - Central Park - Belvedere Castle

  • Strawberry Fields. One of the most visited places thanks to the fact that there is a black and white mosaic with the word “Imagine” in honor of John Lennon. The singer of The Beattles lived in the Dakota Building, located just off Central Park in this area.
  • Belvedere Castle. A spectacular castle in the middle of Central Park. Being the highest point in the park, from there you have the best views.
  • Great Lawn. It is a large expanse of grass that until 1931 was a huge reservoir and that today is a perfect place to have a picnic or play sports on its softball or basketball courts.
  • Le Reservoir. It is the largest lake in Central Park and was built to supply the city with water. Today it is dedicated to Jacqueline Kennedy.

For more information about Central Park visit their website.

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