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5 free things to do in New York in 5 days

New York is one of the cities that most fascinates tourists from all over the world, and it is not surprising. Represented in countless films, video clips, series and photos, the initial feeling is of a familiar destination and that we already know what we will find.

Well, this is true in parts. Although the scenarios are already familiar to us, the impact of the first time will reach you and make impressions that you will keep for the rest of your life.

Being a city that covers a wide variety of activities, today we have selected some cheap or free tours for you to get into the climate of the city without spending much and enjoy a 5-day trip.

Spend the day in Central Park

New York - Central Park - Bow BridgeHow about starting this tour with a panoramic view? Climb on the Top of the Rock, located in Rockfeller Center, and be amazed by the magnificent tree-lined scenery amidst the buildings and the hustle and bustle of the city.

Then go explore the park. Do you want to enjoy a romantic walk with your partner? A relaxed walk along the shore of The Lake will surprise you.

How about a picnic while enjoying the New York weather? Open your basket, don’t forget a towel to sit on, and head over to Sheep Meadow.

Looking for a spectacular setting for some photos? At Belvedere Castle you will surely make a beautiful album. The castle is located on one of the highest points in the park and offers a panoramic view of it. Another highlight is that at the base of the castle is Shakespeare’s Garden, where you can find the flowers used in Shakespeare’s plays.

Ferries to Staten Island

The ferry trip to Staten Island is one of the free tours in New York that you cannot miss. The ride takes an average of 15 minutes and will provide you with a view of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan Island skyline. The advice is to do the tour in the open part of the boat, so that nothing obstructs your vision.

Discover the Natural History Museum

New York - Natural History MuseumThe Natural History Museum is a classic, free activity that you’re sure to enjoy on your trip to New York. With several areas to explore, it is possible to spend the day among the fossils of dinosaurs and whales, as well as representations of historical periods and themed rooms.

The reception is already offering a preview of what you will find inside: the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton! The box office and the main entrance for the first exhibitions are also located on the ground floor. Highlights for the Hayden Planetarium and Space Show (not included in regular ticket) and the North American Mammal Hall, featuring bears, squirrels and more.

In the rooms of the first pavilion there are examples of minerals, precious stones, rocks and meteorites, and a short story that tells the origin of the solar system and the planets.

The second floor features exhibits on the lives of people in South America, with an emphasis on the Indians, before the discovery. The dolls of the Indians are very realistic, with clothes, weapons and all the equipment used at the time. In the same pavilion are the rooms of the peoples of Asia and Africa.

The third floor is specially dedicated to mammals of the African continent, primates, reptiles and amphibians, as well as rooms with the Pacific peoples and the indigenous peoples of the lowlands, with their clothes and equipment.

Finally, all the dinosaur exhibits and rooms are on the fourth floor. The correct name where they stay is the fossil room, which has many skeletons of animals that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago.

Venture on the Roosevelt Cable Car and through the parks on Roosevelt Island

This activity is not completely free, but to venture into the New York sky, you just need to have the Metrocard sticker. The trip is short, but the scenery is worth every second. Upon arrival at the destination, Roosevelt Island, be sure to visit Four Freedoms Park, one of the most modern parks in New York, from which you will have fabulous views of Manhattan and Queens.

You can also visit SouthPoint Park and the ruins of SmallPox Hospital, a former smallpox center.

Get lost in Times Square

New York - Times SquareIt can be quite a challenge to explore Times Square without risking missing out on any tourist attractions or activities. The first thing that will catch your attention when you arrive at this square are the huge neon screens that cover all the facades of the buildings.

Some interesting points to see there: the headquarters of the New York Times newspaper, the Marriott Marquis Hotel (the largest in the world), the Nasdaq stock market indicator, the red stairs of Times Square and Broadway theaters.

Free or extremely inexpensive, each of these activities can easily fill a day of travel, without leaving you feeling like you left anything behind. From short trips to extended vacations, book one of the hotels in New York and discover all that this magnificent city has to offer!

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