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Cross the Brooklyn Bridge. New York’s most famous

The Brooklyn Bridge is undoubtedly one of the most famous bridges in the world, the most photographed and one that has appeared (and been destroyed) the most times in the movies.

It was built in 1883 after 13 years of work and 27 workers who died during construction. At the time it was the largest suspension bridge in the world thanks to its 1,825 meters in length and 486 meters between columns.

The bridge was designed to link Manhattan and Brooklyn and thus not have to use any boat, which was inconvenient in winter when the East River was frozen.

Cross the Brooklyn Bridge

New York - Brooklyn BridgeOne of the main attractions in New York is crossing the Brooklyn Bridge.

In addition to driving, it is obviously also possible to cross the Brooklyn Bridge on foot or by bicycle thanks to a promenade that exists and is independent of the roads for cars.

From the other side of the bridge if you cross it from Manhattan you will get great views of the city’s skyscrapers, especially Lower Manhattan.

To better enjoy these views, when you arrive in Brooklyn you can go to Brooklyn Bridge Park or to the River Cafe restaurant. From these points the views are unbeatable. And if you wait until dark, you’ll never forget it.

What to see in Brooklyn

New York - Brooklyn Bridge at nightAlthough the visit to Brooklyn is not something that many tourists usually do, in this district (which is the most populous in New York) you also have some points of interest that are quite interesting

The first of them is Brooklyn Heights, the first area of ​​the district that you find when you cross the bridge.

Here you can enjoy the atmosphere of its streets and take a pleasant walk along the river with its wonderful views of Manhattan.

New York - Cross the Brooklyn BridgeIt is not as well known as Central Park, but in Brooklyn there is also a very interesting park, Prospect Park, very quiet and pleasant and with a huge meadow, a skating rink and a lake.

Another of the most famous bridges in New York also starts from Brooklyn, the Manhattan Bridge, which unites both neighbourhoods.

The Manhattan Bridge was opened in 1909 and is no less than 2,089 meters long, making it longer than the Brooklyn Bridge.

And finally, also highlight the Brooklyn Museum, the second largest museum in New York with important collections of art from Egypt or Latin America.

Quite a bit further from the Brooklyn Bridge, you can also go to Coney Island, where one of New York’s beaches is located as well as an amusement park, or the curious neighborhood of Williamsburg, where the Orthodox Jews of the city live with a way of life that it will certainly surprise you.

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