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The Chrysler Building skyscraper. a secret construction

The Chrysler Building is our favorite skyscraper in New York.

And so it is considered by many New Yorkers and visitors despite the fact that the one that takes the photographs is the Empire State and more recently it begins to be the One World Trade Center. However, this building has a special charm, especially for its mysterious construction.

Near this building we can find other points of interest as it is on 42nd Street, such as the Grand Central Terminal, the building where the Daily Planet was located in Superman or the UN headquarters.

The chrysler building

New York - Chrysler BuildingThis 319-meter-high skyscraper was built in 1930, surpassing the Eiffel Tower as the tallest building in the world and holding that record for 11 months until the Empire State Building was completed.

It was ordered to be built by the automobile tycoon Walter Chrysler to demonstrate his economic power and at a time when there was a great struggle to build the tallest building in the world.

In fact, its construction rivaled that of the Bank of Manhattan, whose architects believed they had achieved the record until the best kept secret of the Chrysler Building was installed in less than 2 hours: its steel spire that was built inside the building.

The Chrysler Building is in the art deco style and in addition to its tower inspired by the hubcaps of the Chryslers of the time, it stands out for the eagle-shaped gargoyles on the 61st floor, for its needle and for its spectacular lobby, unique visitable area of ​​the building, since the idea of ​​installing a viewpoint on its roof was never carried out.

The surroundings of the Chrysler Building

New York - The News BuildingIn the surroundings, in addition to the Grand Central Terminal, there are two other emblematic buildings that you should visit. One of them is the Daily News building

It is also in the Art Deco style and is famous for having been the headquarters of the Daily Planet in the Superman movies. You can access its interior and see the hall and it is also possible to admire its facade.

New York - UN BuildingThe other place that should be visited in this area is the UN headquarters building, built in 1949.

In the front part of the building, the flags of all the member states of the UN are raised, in addition to the flag of the organization itself, and it is possible to take a tour of the building in several languages ​​(including Spanish).

On this tour of the UN building they show you the interior of the General Assembly as well as various exhibitions about the work of the UN in the world fighting poverty or for the disarmament of nations. The pity is that they don’t show you the place where the Security Council meets.

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