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What to see in New York in 3 days. Express tour to the city that never sleeps

Is it possible to visit New York in 3 days? Well, the truth is that in three days you will be able to see very little of what this impressive city has to offer. You will have to focus on several very specific places and visit them, but you will leave with the feeling that you still have a lot to see.

In any case, you can get to know the most important things to see in New York in 3 days and come back another time to continue getting to know a city that never ceases to surprise you.

There are many options for 3 days, but this suggested itinerary is what we recommend for you to enjoy the city that never sleeps. If you have more days in the city, check out our article on New York in 4 days.

What to see in New York in 3 days

First day in New York

New York - Empire State Bulding from Top of the RockWe are going to dedicate the first of the 3 days in New York to Midtown, the most famous area of ​​Manhattan where the hustle and bustle remains 24 hours a day and where some of the main points of interest to see in New York in 3 days are located.

We are going to start the walk next to Madison Square Park, next to which is the Flatiron Building, one of the most famous buildings in New York with a characteristic triangular shape. Here we begin to walk north along the most famous street in the city, Fifth Avenue.

A little further up we come to what is possibly the most famous building in the city, the Empire State Building. It must be said that Fifth Avenue is long and almost any corner will catch your attention, so it will take time.

Now it’s time to see New York from above. And therefore, climb the Empire State Building. There are usually queues so it is advisable to bring the purchased ticket and you will still have to queue for the elevators. But it is worth going up and admiring New York from above.

New York - Rockefeller CenterFurther north we find the Public Library, seen in thousands of movies, and Bryant Park, just where we turn right and walk down 42nd Street, where Grand Central Terminal, the main railway station in New York, and the Building Chyrsler, one of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the city. At the end of the street, next to the East River, the UN headquarters.

We can retrace our steps until we reach the Broadway theater area and of course, Times Square, the nerve center of New York with its illuminated signs and the great hustle and bustle that you won’t get tired of, as well as its impressive shops and restaurants..

Near Times Square we have the Radio City Music Hall and the Rockefeller Center, another great skyscraper that is essential to visit in New York. There we can admire the Rockefeller Plaza, where at Christmas they put up a famous skating rink, and go up to the Top of the Rock, one of the best viewpoints in the city. From there we can see both the Empire and Central Park.

What we recommend is to go up to the Top of the Rock in the late afternoon and wait until nightfall to have two different views of New York from above.

Thus ends our first day. You can use the remaining time to visit the shops around Times Square or go to a Broadway musical.

Second day in New York

New York - Statue of Liberty from ferryThe second day we are going to visit another of the essential monuments. And perhaps the most famous and symbol of the city, the Statue of Liberty.

For this, we have two options. Go directly to Liberty Island and see it up close, next to Ellis Island, or take the ferry that takes you to Staten Island from Manhattan, which is free and passes very close to the Statue of Liberty. It depends on you. In our opinion, the second option is enough unless you want to be in the same statue. The views from the ferry over lower Manhattan are also spectacular.

After visiting the Statue, or returning from Staten Island, it’s time to visit Wall Street and the south of Manhattan. From Battery Park you can start walking down Broadway Street (yes, it goes all the way here) on your way to the New York Stock Exchange, while still admiring the Charging Bull. Next to the Stock Exchange do not miss the Federal Hall and not far from the Federal Reserve building.

New York - One World Trade CenterA few meters away is the Church of the Trinity and the World Trade Center where you can visit the area where the Twin Towers were, the 9/11 Memorial, the new buildings built and especially the One World Trade Center, the spectacular skyscraper that replaced to the towers and the one you can climb for other great views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.

From there we must walk to City Hall Park, where the City Hall and the Woolworth Building, another of the city’s impressive skyscrapers, are located.

But the main interest in this area is the Brooklyn Bridge, the next destination and bridge that we are obliged to cross until we reach Brooklyn, another of the famous neighborhoods of New York.

After crossing the bridge, the ideal thing would be to go to the Empire Fulton Ferry Park, a park located under the Brooklyn Bridge and from where we have great views of the bridge itself and the island of Manhattan with its skyscrapers and its lights if you have arrived until Here at night.

The day can end with this Night Tour of New York, which takes you to the main places in the city to see them illuminated.

What to visit in New York on the third day

New York-MetropolitanThere is still much to see in New York and our trip is coming to an end. You will have the feeling that you still have a lot to see. And so it is, but after this lightning visit of 3 days you will have an idea of ​​what New York has to offer.

We are going to start this last day in Bryant Park, where we have been before, but this time to continue walking north along Fifth Avenue, in the most exclusive and glamorous shopping area. And where more skyscrapers will you find.

Contrasting among all the skyscrapers is Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, with tall towers that will seem very small to you due to the height of the buildings that surround it. Further north we arrive at the Grand Army Plaza where the famous Plaza Hotel and one of the corners of Central Park is located, our next destination.

Central ParkNew York - Central Park - Bow Bridge is a huge park, with numerous points of interest, so it is practically impossible for us to see it in its entirety on this 3-day visit to New York. The least we should see on this day is The Pond, Bethesda Fountain or the Statue of Alice in Wonderland before arriving at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

And it is that the Metropolitan Museum Of Art is the next thing we should visit, one of the best museums in New York thanks to its works of art from all periods of human history.

After his visit we go back into Central Park to visit Turtle Pond, Belvedere Castle, Bow Bridge and Strawberry Fields, the corner dedicated to John Lennon, before leaving Central Park right where the Dakota Building is located, where the singer of The Beatles.

If you want to visit another museum, very close is the Natural History Museum, also highly recommended. After the visit, you have to go south until you come back to Broadway Street and the Midtown area, the most interesting in the city.

Thus ends this 3-day express trip to New York, which will leave you wanting more, but in which you will have been able to enjoy the main places of interest to visit in New York.

You can find more information on the official New York tourism page.

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