List of the best beaches in Asturias to enjoy swimming

If you are thinking of visiting Asturias, surely you already know that in addition to beautiful cities, charming villages, great cuisine and indescribable landscapes, there are also numerous beautiful beaches to see in Asturias.

There are many beaches in Asturias, some larger and others smaller, but here we show you a list of those that we consider to be the most beautiful.

Here is our list of the best beaches in Asturias.

List of the best beaches in Asturias

1. Silence Beach

Cudillero - Beach of SilenceIt is very close to Cudillero and it is a beach that cannot be accessed by car, only on foot or by boat.

Perhaps that is why it is still one with a singular beauty and surrounded by forests and cliffs.

To get to it you have to go down 111 steps (which you have to climb later…).

Many people say that it is the most beautiful beach in the north of Spain.

2. Beach of Cuevas del Mar

Asturias - Cuevas Mar BeachThis beautiful beach is found in the surroundings of Llanes and is characterized by the hollows of the rocks that surround it.

Hence its name. This beach can be accessed by car and even has parking.

The closest town is Nueva and this beach is usually quite crowded by tourism.

In an area full of beaches, this one stands out above the rest.

3. Gulpiyuri Beach

Asturias - Gulpiyuri BeachUntil very recently it was a completely unknown beach that has gradually gained popularity.

It is located on the outskirts of Llanes, near Naves.

It can only be reached on foot as it is quite isolated and stands out for its small size and the shallow depth of the waters.

It is one of the most mysterious beaches formed by the infiltration of water from open waters, although in our opinion it is a bit overrated.

4. Poo Beach

Asturias - Poo BeachAnother of the beaches near Llanes that we must highlight.

It is an extensive sandy area located between cliffs but which can be accessed by car.

It is another of the beaches with high occupancy, so you will not find a lot of tranquility in it, but nevertheless you will be able to enjoy its beautiful surroundings.

Those who have visited this beach agree on its beauty. Do not leave Asturias without visiting it.

5. San Lorenzo Beach

Gijon - San Lorenzo BeachUnlike the other beaches, this is an urban beach with all the facilities that a beach of these characteristics may have.

It is located in Gijón and stands out for being next to the Cimadevilla neighborhood.

Its promenade should also be highlighted and its drawback is its high influx, logical since it is in a city.

And you can also get to know one of the most beautiful cities in Asturias.

6. Oleiros Beach

Asturias - Oleiros BeachThis beautiful beach surrounded by cliffs can be found in the vicinity of Cudillero.

It is another semi- wild beach with crystal clear waters and to get to it you have to go along an unpaved road to the cliff and then have to go down a path to it.

Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful beaches in Asturias.

Its difficult access means that there are still few people, but surely as soon as it becomes better known it will fill up.

7. Portia Beach

Asturias - Porcia BeachIt is known as the ” Playa de los Islotes ” and is made up of small dunes and marshes that give it a spectacular beauty.

It is usually very busy in high season and is located near Tapia de Casariego.

It is possible to access the beach by car.

It is also a good place to spot migratory birds, so you will find many visitors trying to see them.

8. Mud Beach

Asturias - Mud BeachAnother of the beaches near Llanes that deserves to be highlighted.

It is 250 meters long but it is curious that when the tide goes out its size doubles.

It also has a large influx of people because it is very close to the city.

And it is ideal if you go with children since it usually has very calm waters without waves.

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