What to see in Avilés, far from the image of an industrial city

There is much to see in Avilés and it is the third most important city in Asturias, after Gijón and Oviedo, which are approximately 25 km from it.

In addition, Avilés is the closest city of the three to Asturias Airport. Avilés dates back to the 10th century when it was born to become the port of Oviedo due to the fact that this city does not have access to the sea.

Despite the fact that the image of Avilés is of an industrial city in decline, the reality is very different and this city has numerous monuments to visit and an enviable old town.

The main places to see in Avilés

1. A tour of the Historic Center of Avilés

What to see in Avilés - Old TownThe best place to start a one-day tour of Avilés is the Plaza de España, where there is also a car park. That is where the Avilés Town Hall, the Ferrera Palace and the García Pumarino are located, and it is from where the main streets to see in Avilés start.

The historic center of Aviles is one of the most beautiful in Asturias and the best way to get to know it is on foot.

First of all, we can go along Calle San Francisco to the Caños de San Francisco and the Church of San Nicolás de Bari, where we can admire a beautiful baptismal font of Roman origin.

What to visit in Avilés - Old TownThe most important streets in its historic center are Calle Galiana and Calle Rivero, where the famous arcades that served as a refuge for street vendors are located.

To go from one street to the other we can cross the Ferrara Park, where we can rest and enjoy the tranquility.

Nearby is the Camposagrado Palace, in Gothic style and with a spectacular façade that you won’t get tired of admiring. In the same street is the Church of Santo Tomás de Canterbury and further on the Plaza Carbayo, with the Church of Sabugo, in the place where the old fishing village of Sabugo was built.

It is also a must to visit the Ferrera Park, where you can end the tour to visit Avilés and rest.

2. The modern city

See Aviles - RiaAlthough its greatest charms are found in the old town, outside of it it is also possible to find other very interesting places that are worth visiting.

Thanks to the port and the estuary we can enjoy the river walks that have been built around them, recovering this area for the enjoyment of those who come to the area.

In addition, we can also enjoy in Avilés the Parque del Muelle where there are various sculptures.

The most famous is dedicated to the sailor Pedro Menéndez, founder of the first city in the United States in Florida, although there are also other very interesting ones such as La Foca or La Monstrua.

3. The Niemeyer Center

And also in Avilés we find the Niemeyer Center, an important cultural complex inaugurated in 2011 and that stands out, in addition to its cultural offer, for its size and its characteristic white color.

It is a very modern building that represents the main work in Europe of Oscar Niemeyer, a very prestigious Brazilian architect.

It stands out for its great tower where there is a restaurant and the auditorium with capacity for 1000 spectators.

You can find more information about what to see in Avilés on the official Avilés tourism page.

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