Discover how to get to Asturias by car, plane or train

Asturias is located in the north of Spain, next to the Cantabrian Sea, about 450 km from Madrid.

To get to Asturias there are different means of transport depending on where you are going from. We recommend going by car or at least renting one there because the best way to get to know Asturias is by car.

But there is also the possibility of going by plane or train. We also tell you how to go from Asturias Airport to different places in the region

How to get to Asturias by car

Asturias - Covadonga LakesAsturias is very well connected with the rest of Spain thanks to a good network of roads and highways.

If you go to Asturias from the plateau, such as Madrid or Castilla y León, you should use the AP-66 motorway through the Pajares tunnel that crosses the mountains that separate Asturias from León.

This motorway has a toll but you save a lot of time if you go along the N-630 road, which follows the same route but through the mountains. Of course, you will enjoy wonderful views.

If you go to Asturias from the east, like Cantabria, the Basque Country or you come from France, the road that takes you there is the A-8 motorway, the same one that takes you from the west, Galicia.

How to get to Asturias by plane

Asturias Airport is very close to the town of Avilés, in the council of Castrillón. This airport is located 47 km from Oviedo and 40 km from Gijón.

Iberia planeFlights arrive at Asturias Airport from different parts of Spain, including Madrid and Barcelona, ​​as well as international flights from different cities in Europe.

To leave Asturias Airport to your destination in this community, you have the following means of transport:

  • Bus: thanks to Alsa you can go from the airport to Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés. Buses to Oviedo and Gijón depart every hour on the hour between 7am and 11pm every day and to Avilés every 2 hours between 7:50am and 11pm from Monday to Friday while on Saturdays and Sundays they are between 9am and 11pm. having fewer services. It is advisable to check the schedules on the airport page. The bus stop is on the right as you exit the airport terminal.
  • Car: The most comfortable option to get around Asturias is by car. At the airport you can rent a car from Avis, Europcar or Atesa. Rental offices are located inside the terminal. To go to Avilés or Gijón you should take the A-8, the same as to go to Oviedo, only you will have to take the A-66.
  • Taxi: Taxi stands are located just outside the airport terminal. Prices, of course, vary depending on the destination, but the distance from the airport to the main cities makes it quite expensive. The price is €1.06/km (€1.32/km on holidays and at night). To get an idea, the approximate price is €55 to Oviedo, €45 to Gijón and €25 to Avilés.

How to get to Asturias by train

Train - AlviaRenfe operates trains from Madrid and Barcelona that take you to Gijón and Oviedo.

From Madrid the duration of the Alvia services is 5 hours to Oviedo and 5:30 to Gijón and some trains also stop in Mieres. From Barcelona there is only one train with a duration of 11 hours.

Once in Oviedo or Gijón, you have suburban and regional services, both Renfe and FEVE that take you to different towns in Asturias.

At Gijón and Oviedo stations you can also rent a car to get around Asturias.

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