The best places to visit in the cinematographic Llanes

Bathed by the Cantabrian Sea and in the eastern part of Asturias is the beautiful town of Llanes with an old quarter that has been declared a historic-artistic site.

It is also a perfect place to practice sports, hiking, go to its beaches or as a starting point to visit the Picos de Europa.

The Villa de Llanes, founded in 1206, has several very important places of interest that will surprise you if you visit the town.

Walk to visit the best things to see in Llanes

1. Old town of Llanes

what to see in LlanesInside the walls of Llanes we can find its most important church, the Basilica of Santa María del Concejo.

This basilica has a beautiful Romanesque portal and an impressive Gothic-style interior.

In addition, among its houses and palaces are the Palacio del Conde de la Vega de Sella, the Palacio de El Cercado and the Casa de Rivero.

Outside the walls of Llanes, there are also points of interest such as the old Convent of La Encarnación, from the 17th century, the Casino, from the beginning of the 20th century, and other modernist constructions.

2. Memory Cubes

What to visit in Llanes - Cubes of MemoryIn addition, although much more recent than the rest of the town’s monuments, next to the port it is possible to admire Los Cubos de la Memoria, works by the Basque painter and sculptor Agustín Ibarrola.

It is a series of concrete cubes that have been decorated by the artist.

Without a doubt, a very special place in Llanes that will surprise you on your visit to the city.

3. The Palace of Partariú

Llanes - The OrphanagePossibly this name does not tell you anything. What palace are we talking about?

But if we talk about the movie The Orphanage, surely a big house quickly comes to mind. Well, the Partariú Palace is where the film was shot.

It must be said that Llanes is a place where dozens of films and series have been shot in addition to El Orfanato, such as El Abuelo, Historia de un Beso or La Señora.

4. The surroundings of Llanes

Asturias - Cuevas Mar BeachAround Llanes there are also interesting points of interest, both urban and natural. Among the beaches that we can see in its surroundings include Playa de Barro, Playa de Gulpiyuri, Playa de Poo or Playa de Cuevas de Mar.

In addition to the beautiful surrounding beaches, you can also admire the Idol of Peña Tu, a rock with prehistoric representations.

Or different towns and fishing villages such as Posada, Porrúa or Nueva, towns steeped in history and with a large number of mansions and palaces that dominate the council.

You can find more information on the official Llanes tourism page.

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