Hundertwasserhaus, an architectural puzzle of Vienna

Hundertwasserhaus is located in a little monumental area and should not have so many visitors.

But this group of buildings, so far from the most touristic areas, has become one of the main attractions of Vienna on its own merit and captivates everyone who visits it.

Hundertwasserhaus looks like an architectural puzzle. It is a group of buildings with unimaginable shapes and colors that you should not miss in Vienna.

Visit Hundertwasserhaus and enjoy its forms

Vienna - HundertwasserhausIt is worth walking or taking the tram to this set of residential buildings.

Its construction began to take shape when in 1977 the mayor of Vienna commissioned the versatile artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser to design social housing.

It was not until 1983 when some works began that were completed 2 years later.

This set of buildings is made up of houses, shops, gardens and several rooftop terraces , and its exterior is notable for its colorful facades and the fact that there are no straight shapes.

Also noteworthy are the trees that show their branches outside the façade and that are actually on the ground inside the houses. Without a doubt, it is a building that breaks all the architectural rules of all times.

Vienna - HundertwasserhausIt is also possible to visit its interior, since although the houses are logically private, we can enter the commercial premises and admire their undulating floors and strangely shaped beams.

Do not miss the bathrooms of one of the premises, they will surprise you.

Near these buildings is the Hundertwasser Museum, where a series of works created by the artist of the same name are exhibited.

Unless you are a great admirer of this artist, you better not visit him because the works on display are very peculiar and extravagant.

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