The best things to see in Vienna in 3 days, the most complete visit to the imperial city

Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and with many places to visit. Although of course it would be much better to spend more days, we consider that 3 days in Vienna is a perfect duration of the trip to be able to get to know the main places without haste but without pause.

You will be able to discover all the most important things to see in Vienna in 3 days, enjoying its palaces, its streets, its churches, its parks, its gastronomy and everything that this beautiful city offers you. An unforgettable trip that you will surely remember for a lifetime.

Here you have the best things to see in Vienna in 3 days.

What to see in Vienna in three days

What to see on the first day in Vienna

Vienna - St. Charles Borromeo ChurchWe are going to start our first day in Vienna in the heart of the city, specifically at the Stephansplatz Metro stop, where we will visit Saint Stephen’s Cathedral, the main religious temple in Vienna and which is a must to admire its great tower. of 137 meters, the Roof of the Tiles and the impressive Pulpit of Pilgra, which you can admire inside.

The next point of interest is the Vienna State Opera, one of the essential things to see in Vienna in 3 days. It is one of the most important in the world and you can get to know it with a guided tour that will take you to all its corners and that will make you get to know it in a very special way.

Not far from there we find the Church of San Carlos Borromeo, perhaps the most beautiful church in Vienna thanks to its Greek-style facade and its two columns inspired by Trajan’s Column in Rome. It is, without a doubt, a church that you would not expect to find in a city like Vienna.

Now it’s time to retrace our steps and reach the most important avenue in Vienna where many of the main buildings to visit in Vienna in 3 days are located. We are talking about Ringstrasse, which you can explore both on foot and by tram to enjoy each of its corners.

Vienna - Hofburg PalaceThe first building that we will visit in Ringstrasse will be the Hofburg Palace, one of the impressive palaces to see in Vienna in three days. Without a doubt, a great architectural jewel that was the official residence of the Habsburgs and where we can admire the Royal Apartments or the Sissi Museum, where you will discover the life of the most famous empress of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

After visiting the Hofburg Palace, a visit that will take you a good part of the day, we still have to go through the Ringstrasse to discover the rest of its buildings, such as the Austrian Parliament, which you can also get to know with a guided tour, the Wiener Rathaus, with the typical architecture of the town halls of central Europe, the University of Vienna and at the end of the street, the Votive Church, another of the main churches to visit in Vienna.

Thus ends the first of our three days in Vienna.

What to see on the second day

Vienna - La GlorietteThe second day in Vienna arrives and we go on the Metro to the Schönbrunn Palace, another essential place to see in Vienna in 3 days and for many the most beautiful palace in the Austrian capital. During your visit we can admire the baroque architecture that was the summer residence of the Habsburgs and that has some of the most beautiful gardens in Europe.

After visiting this palace we go back to the city center to continue enjoying its wonders. Hundertwasserhaus is our destination, a curious building with impossible shapes and an unpronounceable name that will undoubtedly surprise you. These houses were built in 1977 and nowadays it is a very interesting visit to do in Vienna.

Vienna - St. Peter's ChurchFrom there we walk to the historic center of Vienna, first passing through Stadtpark, one of the most interesting parks in the city and where we can relax before continuing to admire the wonders it offers us. For example, the Church of San Pedro, in the heart of the historic center and which stands out for its baroque style and its narrow facade with a green dome.

Our 3-day visit to Vienna continues through the Vienna Imperial Crypt, located under the Capuchin Church. There are the tombs of the main members of the Habsburgs, highlighting those of the most famous of the dynasty, such as Francisco José and his mother, Empress María Teresa. And of course, that of the Empress Sissi.

Thus ends the second of our days in Vienna.

What to visit on the third day in Vienna

Vienna - Belvedere PalaceWe are already in the third of our days in Vienna and the first thing we are going to do is visit the third great palace in Vienna, the Belvedere Palace, less attractive than the previous two but also very interesting. It was another of the summer residences of the Habsburgs and a great jewel of the Viennese baroque. It also houses 3 very interesting museums.

Once we have visited this beautiful palace, we will go to the city center, specifically to Naschmarkt, the famous Viennese market with more than 120 stalls of local products and one of the most charming places to visit in Vienna in 3 days.

Nearby is Maria-Theresien Square, named after the famous empress, the only woman to rule from the Habsburgs. In this square we have two museums, the Art History Museum and the Art History Museum. If you don’t want to visit the museums, at least admire the architecture of its buildings.

Vienna - PraterFrom there we will go to the Spanish Riding School, created in 1572 being one of the most valued institutions in Vienna and where we can admire beautiful Lipizza horses. It can be visited by taking a guided tour or going to one of the horse shows.

We will end the day in the Prater, another of Vienna ‘s famous parks and where the oldest amusement park in the world is located. The Prater Ferris wheel is undoubtedly one of the hallmarks of this beautiful city.

Thus ends our 3-day tour of Vienna in which we have known the main places of interest in the city and in which you will have enjoyed one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe.

You can find more information about what to see in Vienna on the official Vienna tourism page.

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