Peter’s Church, the best of Vienna’s baroque

A few steps from the Cathedral of Saint Stephen in Vienna and in the heart of the wonderful imperial city of Central Europe, we find the Church of Saint Peter, without a doubt the best baroque church that we can find in the area.

For its construction, they say they were inspired by the Basilica of Saint Peter in the Vatican, although at first glance it has nothing to do with it.

The facade of the church stands out among the surrounding buildings at the end of a narrow street that invites you to go to it.

What to see in the Church of St. Peter in Vienna

Vienna - St. Peter's ChurchSt. Peter’s Church was built on the same site as the first Christian church in Vienna, dating back to around 800.

This first church was destroyed and replaced by another Romanesque one, which in turn disappeared to make way for this Baroque jewel from the early 18th century.

From its façade, very narrow according to the street where it is located, its two side towers and the green dome that we can see from afar stand out.

Vienna - St. Peter's Church - InteriorBut the most important thing about the church is inside it, and that is where the baroque style takes center stage. So much so that some consider it too busy.

The interior of the Church of San Pedro is full of statues and a lot of golden decoration whose shapes make our eyes get lost but which in turn provides a unique spectacle for our senses.

We must highlight the pulpit, this we do consider excessively ornate, the main altar, the frescoes of the dome and the different statues that are erected, among them one of San Juan de Nepomuceno, the one that was thrown into the river from the Puente de Charles, in Prague.

You can find more information on the official page of the Church of San Pedro.

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