Visit the Votive Church of Vienna, a jewel of neo-Gothic

Located next to Vienna’s Ringstrasse we find the majestic Votive Church, a neo-Gothic temple that you should not forget on your visit to Vienna.

It was ordered to be built by the brother of Francisco José I after the assassination attempt suffered by him in 1853 when a man attacked him with a stiletto. Thanks to a collection, the funds were obtained with which this church was built in the same place of the attack.

The works lasted 20 years and it was inaugurated in 1879, just on the day of the silver wedding of the emperor and his wife Sissi.

What to see in the Votive Church

Vienna - Votive ChurchThe most remarkable thing about the outside of the Votive Church are its 2 imposing towers, no less than 99 meters high, which can be seen from afar.

They are shaped like a needle and are a symbol of this Catholic church that makes it go towards heaven.

After crossing its main door, which is located between the 2 immense towers, we reach its interior, which is also spectacular.

Inside, what we must highlight is its high ceilings and its stained glass windows, elements that give great light to this church in Vienna.

Not to be missed is the altar dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe, erected in honor of Maximiliano de Habsburgo, the brother of Francisco José, due to his proclamation as emperor of Mexico.

You should also admire the sarcophagus of Nikla Salm, a commander who led the Austrian troops during the Turkish siege of 1529, and the curious Vela Bárbara, located behind the altar and with such large dimensions (4 meters high and 3 meters wide) wide) that is said to last for 100 years.

You can find more information on the official page of the Votive Church.

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