Do rural tourism in Galicia. The best rural areas to visit

When we talk about Galicia we always think of its big cities, its coasts, its beaches, its natural parks or its impressive landscapes, such as Santiago de Compostela, the Beach of the Cathedrals or the Costa da Morte.

But in Galicia we can also do rural tourism discovering unique places in which to breathe total tranquility and enjoy a region that has a lot to offer.

In each of the following areas you will also find several luxury rural houses in Galicia, because we know that in addition to enjoying what you visit, the place where you stay is also very important and you can enjoy all the comforts when it comes to resting or enjoying Galician gastronomy.

The best areas of Galicia to enjoy rural tourism

Ribeira Sacra

Galicia - Sil CanyonsWhen we talk about rural tourism in Galicia, it is inevitable to think of the Ribeira Sacra, possibly the most famous destination in the interior of Galicia thanks to its impressive landscapes that the Sil River Canyon leaves us as well as the vineyards that are found on its slopes.

The Ribeira Sacra is an exceptional place for hiking trails to experience nature and also enjoy Romanesque monuments thanks to its wonderful churches and monasteries.

You can also go by car from viewpoint to viewpoint and have different images of an unforgettable place. You can also enjoy towns such as Castro Caldelas or Monforte de Lemos.

The Marina Lucense

Galicia - Beach of the CathedralsIn the Mariña Lucense we find the well-known Playa de las Catedrales but also other more remote and lesser-known places where you can enjoy a quiet trip and live all the experiences that rural tourism offers you.

The mouth of the Eo River, which acts as a border with another great rural tourism paradise such as Asturias, is the starting point to explore an area that will surprise you with towns such as Lourenzá or Mondoñedo, with its beautiful Cathedral.

The Serra do Xistral is another place in the interior where you can get lost. And if you don’t feel like moving around a lot, you can always go to one of the best rural houses with a swimming pool in Galicia.

Os Ancares

Located in the province of Lugo in the easternmost part of Galicia we find the region of Os Ancares, another very special place that you must visit to get to know the most rural part of this Autonomous Community.

In Os Ancares we can find everything to have a perfect trip, from great peaks with spectacular views, such as Mustallar, to different valleys and rivers with perfect landscapes that will remain engraved in your retina.

One of the most typical constructions of Os Ancares are the pallozas, whose origin must go back to the Celtic era and which maintain all their mystery to this day.

O Ribeiro

Another of the regions where rural tourism is very successful is O Ribeiro, in the province of Ourense, lands bathed by several rivers, such as the Miño, the Arnoia or the Avia, which leave spectacular landscapes and an enviable natural wealth.

And wine lovers will also find in these lands the Ribeiro, one of the most famous in Spain, with numerous wineries that you can visit and vineyards that are lost in sight.

There is also room for monuments such as the Oseira Monastery, one of the most beautiful in Spain, and towns such as Ribadavia, famous for its Jewish quarter. In the region of O Ribeiro you will also find several spas where you can relax and enjoy a dream trip.

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