The Fragas do Eume, the Atlantic forest of Europe

One of the most interesting natural paradises in Galicia is the Fragas do Eume, a natural park of almost 10,000 hectares of riparian forest that can be found in the province of A Coruña.

It is the best example of Atlantic forest that we can find in the Iberian Peninsula and that we recommend visiting if you come to this area.

Valleys, forests, lakes and green nature is what we can find in this Natural Park that is located 60 km from A Coruña.

What to see in Fragas do Eume

Galicia - Fragas do EumeThe central axis of the Natural Park is the Eume River, which rises in the Sierra de Xistral and thanks to which we can find canyons with walls up to 200 meters high that are worth visiting.

In Galician, a ” fraga ” is an extension of mount with a dense vegetation arisen in a spontaneous way.

On both banks of the Eume River we find different riparian forests that form one of the best Atlantic forests in Spain with dense vegetation that often does not allow sunlight to pass through, giving the Fragas do Eume a characteristic shade.

Galicia - Fragas do Eume - ForestBut in the Fragas do Eume, we not only find a nature of incalculable value, but also great monuments built throughout history such as the Caaveiro Monastery, the Monfero Monastery or a series of bridges that cross the river and that do not you can lose

The flora and fauna of the Fragas de Eume Natural Park is very varied and diverse. On both banks of the river we can find a great variety of trees, among which oaks and poplars stand out, although it is also possible to find birches, chestnut trees and a great variety of ferns.

Among the animals that we can find, numerous birds and mammals stand out, among which the following stand out: falcons, goshawks, blackbirds, deer, foxes, roe deer and otters. But the great variety in the fauna that exists in the park is infinite.

How to visit Fragas do Eume

Galicia - Fragas do Eume - Caaveiro MonasteryFragas do Eume can be accessed through various entrances. The most interesting is the one that is destined for the Caaveiro Monastery, which in turn is the most visited. From there, in addition, there are several routes through the forest that we recommend you do to get to know the fragas in depth.

To get to the Monastery you can go to the A Figueira Bridge and from there take a 15-minute walk to enjoy one of the best monuments in the area, with free admission and a guided tour.

It must be said that in high season the passage of private vehicles is restricted and it is mandatory to use the shuttle buses that take you to the Visitor Reception Center.

The closest town to the park, in the area of ​​the Caaveiro Monastery, is Pontedeume, founded by Alfonso X el Sabio and with interesting monuments.

The other places to access the park are A Capela, the Eume reservoir and Monfero, where there is another visitor reception centre.

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