The best beaches to visit and enjoy in Galicia

Along the 1,500 km of coastline that Galicia has, there are countless beaches, many of them spectacular, that you could visit. Staying with a reduced list is very complicated and also each one will have their preferences.

But here we show you a list of the best beaches in Galicia that are surely in all the pools. Some of them are essential visits and you cannot leave Galicia without at least visiting them.

The best beaches you can visit in Galicia, in our opinion, are the following. Which of them do you know? If you don’t know them, you have no choice but to go.

The list of the best beaches in Galicia

1. The Beach of the Cathedrals

Galicia - Beach of the CathedralsLocated in the province of Lugo, very close to the town of Ribadeo, it is for many the best beach in Spain.

Its success is such that capacity is limited in high season and you have to make a reservation in advance, free of charge, to be able to go down to the sand, although you can admire it from its viewpoints.

One of the main characteristics of the Playa de las Catedrales is the speed of the movement of the tides, which means that every day we can see two different beaches in one.

One in which the sand does not exist and the water crashes against the rocks and another that exposes those wonderful cavities that make the beach famous.

To visit it, it is best to check the tide schedules and thus be able to be there when you are most interested.

2. Rhodes Beach

Galicia - Cies Islands - Rodas BeachYou have to go to the Cíes Islands, not only to enjoy the landscape, its hiking trails, its flora and fauna and a spectacular natural park, but also Playa de Rodas, which has been chosen on occasion as the best beach in the world.

Its crystal clear turquoise waters attract thousands of visitors every year.

Like the previous beach there is limited capacity, not to the beach itself, but to all the Cíes Islands, so you have to take it into account in high season to be able to buy the boat ticket that takes you to the islands.

3. A Lanzada Beach

A Lanzada BeachLocated between the towns of Sanxenxo and O Grove, it is one of the most famous beaches in Galicia and therefore also one of the busiest.

It measures more than 2.5 km in length on the isthmus that joins O Grove with the mainland and is one of the favorite beaches for surf lovers as it is a very windy area. In addition, its surroundings are fantastic and a true jewel of nature.

Its large size means that you do not feel overwhelmed on the beach despite the number of visitors it receives in summer looking for its white sand.

It is one of the main attractions of the Rías Baixas.

4. Carnota Beach

Galicia - Carnota beachCarnota is a town located on the Costa da Morte that has two attractions, its famous granary and its spectacular beach.

Carnota Beach also has the honor of being the longest beach in Galicia, with 7 km in length in an enviable environment and an almost paradisiacal location.

Its white sand attracts thousands of visitors each year, although due to its size you will think you are almost alone even if the beach is very crowded.

It is also a beach much loved by surf lovers due to its usual wind and its cold waters that do not prevent taking a bath in it from being something essential.

5. Barra Beach

Galicia - Barra BeachThis beach is another one of those essential beaches in Galicia. Barra Beach is located in Cangas del Morrazo, in the Ría de Vigo.

Its fine white sand is one of its great attractions and it is also a beach where it is not usually very windy and the waves are not strong, so it is perfect to enjoy a day at the beach and also enjoy the wonderful views on the horizon. Cies Island.

It is a 750-meter-long beach, quite crowded, and where nudism is allowed, so if you go, don’t be surprised to see people without swimsuits.

6. Laxe Beach

Laxe - BeachAnother of the beaches of the Costa da Morte, is located to the north of them, quite close to A Coruña.

It is an urban beach, located in the municipality of the same name, and sheltered by the Ría de Corme y Laxe, which makes its waters calm and clean. It stands out for its fine white sand and for its almost 2 km length that extends along Laxe.

Due to its urban nature you can enjoy all the services that a beach can have, being adapted for the disabled and endowed with a blue flag. Without a doubt, a great beach to enjoy a wonderful day.

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