What to see in Ferrol in one day, a historic city of the shipbuilding industry

Very close to La Coruña we find Ferrol, a city that is different from the rest that we can find in Galicia and that is well worth a visit.

It is a city of great importance in the maritime history of our country thanks to its port and its shipyards, both military and civil. And in addition, its surroundings are truly spectacular.

Ferrol was founded in the 1st century BC, although its heyday came in the 18th century with the development of the shipbuilding industry.

The best things to see in Ferrol in 1 day

1. Ferrol Vello, beginning of our walk

Galicia - Ferrol- Port of CuruxeirasOur route through Ferrol can begin at its port, very close to the Curuxeiras Dock, from the 18th century and a witness to the history of this city.

There is the Baluarte de San Juan, the rest of the old wall, which offers us a new and really nice view over the port and the Ferrol estuary.

From there we can go along Paseo da Mariña towards Praza Vella admiring Calle Espírito Santo and the famous galleries of the houses, very similar to those we can find in neighboring A Coruña.

Not far away is the Puerta del Parque, built in the 19th century, which connects this area with the Arsenal, a spectacular 18th-century military complex where we can get an idea of ​​the importance that the Navy had in the development of the city..

2. The Arsenal and the Co-Cathedral

In the Arsenal you have to admire the Weapons Room, the Dique del Sino, the Naval Museum or the Library of the Cantabrian Maritime Zone, both installed in an old prison. Don’t miss the National Shipbuilding Exhibition either, located in the Ferrerías.

Leaving through the Porta del Dique we arrive at the Plaza de Galicia, one of the nerve centers of Ferrol and where the Jofre Theater stands out, from the 19th century, a beautiful modernist building that represents one of the symbols of the city.

Next to the Jofre Theater is the San Julian Co-Cathedral, built in the neoclassical style in the 18th century. After making an interesting visit to the co-cathedral we can start walking towards the Alameda de Suances and the Plaza de la Constitución.

3. Esteiro neighborhood

Galicia - FerrolThe Plaza de la Constitución is one of the most beautiful squares in Ferrol where the Military Government building is located, also from the 18th century and which was originally a prison and is today the headquarters of the Caixa Galicia Foundation.

The Iglesia de las Angustias, also from the 18th century and in neoclassical style, is our next destination before continuing to the Cuartel de Dolores and admiring the entrance to the current Navantia shipyards.

The Cuartel de Dolores, also from the 18th century, is the main point of the Esteiro neighborhood and where the Arco de Fontelonga is located, one of the three entrances to the old walled city through which you could enter from the sea.

4. The Magdalena neighborhood

Other places that you cannot miss in Ferrol are the University Campus, located in what was the former Marine Hospital, from the 18th century, and next to it is the Casa do Patín, the current library.

Galicia - Ferrol - Town HallThe Barrio de la Magdalena is the last point of interest to visit in Ferrol. It is a neighborhood built in the 18th century, an authentic urban jewel and a historical-artistic ensemble that we can find in few places. It is one of the emblems of the city and the best place to enjoy Ferrol.

Here we can find interesting civil buildings of the time such as the Ateneo Ferrolán and other buildings with the famous galleries that take us to the Plaza de Amboaxe, the most interesting in the neighbourhood.

In the Barrio de la Magdalena we also find the Building of the Maritime Captaincy, with its spectacular Herrera Gardens, the Church of San Francisco and the Obelisk of Churruca.

The best views of Ferrol and its estuary are from the Barrio de la Magdalena.

You can find more information about what to see in Ferrol in 1 day on the official Ferrol tourism page.

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