A walk through Combarro. Among the typical stone crosses and hórreos of Galicia

One of the most beautiful, and also most visited, villages in the Rias Baixas is Combarro, a destination that you should not miss if you are in this beautiful area of ​​Galicia.

It is a very picturesque fishing village located a few kilometers from Pontevedra where the granaries and stone crosses are its main points of interest.

And it is that in Combarro you will be able to find infinity of them thanks to which you will be able to enjoy a spectacular landscape, unique in Galicia.

What to see in Combarro

Galicia - CombarroThe buildings that we can find in Combarro form a historical set of granite buildings located next to the sea and that represent an interesting example of popular Galician architecture that will not leave you indifferent.

After leaving the car parked in the parking lot that is located next to the port, you can start visiting Combarro and walk around the town enjoying the beautiful buildings in the town and also the coast of the Ría de Pontevedra, the place where Combarro is located.

In addition to these popular houses, in Combarro we can also enjoy the crosses, very typical of Galicia and which, it is believed, may be due to the cult of pre-Christian gods who took care of roads and crossroads and who later became Christian.

The granaries of Combarro

In Combarro we find 7 stone crosses. In almost all of them Christ looks inland and the Virgin looks towards the sea. All except one.

On the other hand, the hórreos are Combarro’s hallmark. In this beautiful town we can find about 60 scattered throughout the town, although the most interesting image is found along the coast where we find 30 lined up.

Its disposition is not accidental since the food arrived at Combarro by sea from the other side of the estuary. The best view of them is from Padrón Beach.

Of the rest of the points of interest that we can visit in Combarro, in addition to its characteristic houses, we must highlight the Church of San Roque, from the 18th century, famous for its altarpiece and its wooden ceiling, the Church of San Bernardo or the Chapel of the Virgin of Renda.

The visit to Combarro will not take you too long because it is a fairly small town and everything is close by, but you should expect to find too many people if you go during very touristy times, so parking will also be quite complicated.

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