A walk through the best things to see in Allariz in one day

If you are going to visit Allariz, one of the most beautiful towns in Ourense, here we are going to summarize what is the best thing you can see on a day trip through this small Galician town where you will find incredible monuments and enjoy its atmosphere and its special charm.

Allariz, bathed by the River Arnoia, has one of the most beautiful historic centers in Galicia, thanks to its important past since the Middle Ages and the prosperity that the linen and leather industry brought to the city during the 20th century.

Here is a walk with the best things to see in Allariz in one day, a town with numerous Romanesque monuments and the best things to see in Galicia.

What to see in Allariz in one day

The Convent of Santa Clara and the Church of San Benito

If you go to Allariz by car, it is best to park in Campo da Barreira, where you will find the first two great monuments that you will discover in Allariz.

On the one hand, you must visit the Convent of Santa Clara, founded in 1268 by the wife of Alfonso X the Wise, Queen Doña Violante. Since then it has had several owners and today it is a cloistered convent from which we can visit its Museum of Sacred Art, where the most outstanding work is La Virgen Abridera, an ivory carving that represents the Virgin and Child.

Just opposite is the Church of San Benito (San Bieito in Galician), who is the patron saint of Allariz. The church dates back to the 18th century when it began to be built in the Baroque style. Of the church we must highlight the figure of San Benito in a niche in the entrance door as well as its great bell tower and the two stone crosses on each side of the church.

The historic center of Allariz

After visiting the two great monuments above, it is best to go to the historic center of Allariz and enjoy its cobbled streets. It is worth getting lost in them and being surprised by the emblazoned buildings.

The Plaza de Santo Estevo should be our first destination, where there is a beautiful 12th century Romanesque church of the same name and of which we must highlight its large stone tower. From there starts the Rúa Fonteiriña that will take us to the Plaza Mayor.

The Plaza Mayor, another of the places to see in Allariz, is the nerve center of the town and in it we can find the Town Hall, the Fuente de Dos Caños and the Church of Santiago, one of the best monuments to visit in Allariz.

The Church of Santiago dates from the 12th century, also in the Romanesque style like others in Allariz and one of the best exponents of this style in Galicia. From its exterior we must highlight its semicircular apse and its two portals, one of them with a beautiful rose window. The most notable features of the interior are its Romanesque altar, its Gothic tombs and the Renaissance chapel of the Virgen de la Esperanza.

Strolling south through the historic center we come to the Sculpture of the Festa do Boi, dedicated to the most emblematic festival of Allariz, which is celebrated the weekend before Corpus Christi. Next to it is the Church of San Pedro, also Romanesque in style, with a quadrangular apse and a Baroque altarpiece that will leave you speechless.

Walking along the Arnoia River

After visiting the historic center of Allariz and its impressive Romanesque churches, we must go to the Arnoia River where we also find several interesting places to see in Allariz.

The Portovelo Park is one of its charms, beautiful gardens where you can relax during your visit to this town in Ourense and where we can find an old rehabilitated mill and even a granary.

Walking north we will reach the Plaza de Abastos, recently transformed into the Biosphere Reserve Market to promote the products of the area.

The last of our destinations on the Allariz day trip is the Vilanova Bridge, Romanesque in style and one of the most beautiful places to see in Allariz. Previous to it there was a Roman bridge where the road that led to Lugo went. Its two large semicircular arches stand out. Nearby is the Church of Santa María de Vilanova, in the Romanesque style (as expected). Its façade is Gothic in style and is related to the Order of Malta. Inside, its baroque altarpiece stands out with the image of Santa María, patron saint of Allariz.

You can find more information on the official Allariz tourism page.

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