What to see in Santiago de Compostela in 2 days. the best in town

If you are lucky enough to be able to visit Santiago de Compostela in two days, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain with a simply spectacular old town, here we tell you everything you can see.

Its old town is a World Heritage Site and in every corner you will find something that will captivate you. Strolling through its streets is a unique experience in which you will enjoy the legacy that history has left us in this corner of Galicia.

If you have two days to visit the city, this is the route that we recommend for each of them.

The best things to see in Santiago de Compostela in two days

What to see in Santiago de Compostela on the first day

What to see in Santiago de Compostela in 2 days - Hostal Reyes CatolicosThe first day in Santiago de Compostela can be dedicated to visiting its Old Town, slowly but surely, enjoying every corner and admiring every alley and every monument.

The walk can begin in the Rúa de San Francisco, next to the convent of the same name, admiring the impressive façade of the Church of San Francisco and then walk down the street surprised by the beauty of the façade of the University of Santiago and the Hospital de los Reyes Catholics.

The Hospital de los Reyes Católicos is the first place you will find when you arrive at the Plaza del Obradoiro, where you will also find the famous Obradoiro Facade of the Santiago Cathedral, emblem of the city.

What to visit in Santiago de Compostela in two days - Plaza de PlateríasIt is time to visit the interior of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, as well as go up to its roofs, before surrounding it and enjoying the squares on all four sides of it. The Plaza de Platerías is the one we like the most. The walk can continue to the church of the Monastery of San Martiño Pinario, whose main façade you will already admire in the Plaza de la Azabachería.

The Plaza de Cervantes is the next destination before going to the famous Mercado de Abastos, another of the most interesting points in Santiago de Compostela.

Visit Santiago de Compostela in two daysNow you can leave the historic center and go to the Alameda Park, where you can relax while you enjoy the main lung of the city and look for the viewpoint from which you can have great views of the Cathedral.

The day can end in the rúas, Rúa do Vilar and Rúa do Franco, where you will find a wide variety of restaurants to dine and enjoy the best of Galician cuisine.

If you want to obtain detailed information about this tour, be sure to read our article about what to see in Santiago de Compostela in one day.

What to visit in Santiago de Compostela on the second day

Santiago de Compostela - Pobo Galego MuseumWith what you visited the day before, you will already know the most important things about Santiago, but you can still get to know more interesting places in the city.

The day can start at the Cidade de la Cultura, located on the outskirts of the city but very well connected by public transport and with several car parks if you want to go by car. It is a good place to enjoy interesting temporary exhibitions and diverse cultural activities as well as enjoy its curious architecture, an icon of the city.

Returning to the center of the city, we can visit the Bonaval Park, where in addition to enjoying the vegetation and its walks, we can visit the museums that are in it, such as the Museum of the Galician People, located in the old Convent of San Sundays of Bonaval and in which you can learn more about Galician culture.

Santiago de Compostela - Monte do GozoThe Galician Center for Contemporary Art is also located there, one of the best in Spain in its style, not only because of the works found in it but also because of the building itself.

You can dedicate the rest of the day to exploring the old town again, enjoying its alleys more peacefully or, why not, go to Monte do Gozo and do the last kilometers of the Camino de Santiago

Another option, if you prefer not to visit these museums, is to dedicate this day to making an excursion to places near Santiago de Compostela. For example, you can tour the Costa da Morte or go to La Coruña and enjoy another of the most beautiful cities in Galicia.

You can find more information about what to see in Santiago on the official Santiago de Compostela tourism page.

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